Happily married 🎉

July 13, 2019

919days 12hrs
Can i have a piece of chicken at least? 😆
latasha, on July 15, 2019 at 4:05 PM

I’d like to hear from some of the people who’ve already had their wedding day. Everyone keeps telling me “you aren’t going to have time to eat”. Me and food have a special relationship! The thought of...

Gen, Jan 11, 2021 189 1
Nique, on July 14, 2019 at 9:54 PM


MIWM, Jul 15, 2019 25
One more day!
Larisa, on July 12, 2019 at 2:02 PM

I can’t believe it’s tomorrow! We’re off headed to rehearsal. Got everything packed up, hope I didn’t forget anything! Won’t be going home till Sunday. So anxious >.< How is everyone else...

latasha, Jul 13, 2019 15
What a day
Nique, on July 12, 2019 at 11:18 PM

So I get married tomorrow my 2nd makeup artist canceled on me this moring. So ended up having my cousin do my makeup. Today was hectic and stressful but all worth it because I get to marry the love of...

Jennifer, Jul 13, 2019 10 1
Is is frowned upon to not buy/wear a wedding band?
Lacey, on July 9, 2019 at 9:59 PM

My ring has beautiful diamonds on the side of the ring that the wedding bands it matches with (not yet purchased) will cover on on side. I discussed with my mom about not getting a wedding band the...

Amy, Jul 11, 2019 37
Makenzye, on July 5, 2019 at 11:38 PM

Bridal pictures are back! Here are a few! 2 weeks away and dying to put my dress back on!!!

Makenzye, Jul 12, 2019 28
Which color bridesmaid robe?
Victoria, on July 6, 2019 at 1:22 PM

Hi everyone! I’m looking at purchasing robes from Etsy and need opinions! I put both against the robe I bought myself in these images, but it hasn’t helped me decide at all, I like both. Which looks...

Wendy, Aug 11, 2019 25 1
Who’s getting married this week? (7/8/19 - 7/14/19)
Clíodhna, on July 8, 2019 at 7:12 AM

Congratulations to everyone getting married this week!! Make sure you come back to post pictures and share advice from your big day! Comment below if your special day is coming up so we can be sure...

Ellen, Jul 13, 2019 40 3
Second guessing wedding hair
Nique, on July 7, 2019 at 1:25 AM

So I had my hair trial today .and I liked it at the salon but now I'm starring to second guess it .thinking I may want a updo instead . I will also be wearing a tiara the day of the wedding. Should I...

Tina, Jul 8, 2019 24
Something Borrowed
Alyssa, on July 6, 2019 at 7:24 PM

What is everyone doing for their something Borrowed?

Shelby, Jul 31, 2019 42 2
Different color then white
Erika, on July 7, 2019 at 8:36 AM

I'm overly excited to wear my dress next year, for some reason my fiance thinks its white 😅 anyone else go with a different color then white?? I just love champagne

Griselda, Jun 15, 2020 41
Need opinions! What necklace/earring set is a good choice(if any)?
Darla, on July 7, 2019 at 9:52 AM

Hello all! My wedding is in September and I need fashion assistance in regards to picking out my jewelry. Please tell me what you think would be a good fit. Also, please tell me what you like about...

Erin, Aug 10, 2019 28
To do the garter/bouquet toss or to not
Teresa, on July 7, 2019 at 10:40 AM

So I am really struggling as to if I should do it or not. I think its fun and so funny to watch whenever I am at a wedding. Yeah its a little awkward but I think I can suck it up for the 5 seconds it...

Teresa, Jul 8, 2019 21
Makeup Trial
TE E, on July 7, 2019 at 11:44 AM

I love it! Testing out for my shower today!

Bethany, Jul 8, 2019 15 1
Same Person for Hair and Makeup?
Erin, on July 3, 2019 at 3:55 PM

I was wondering if you guys used the same person for both your hair and makeup? I wanted to, but I really need someone that is able to travel to my venue to do both. My hair stylist can travel for...

Justine, Jul 5, 2019 13
Wedding Dress - Red, White or Blue?
Lynnie, on July 4, 2019 at 10:05 AM

Happy 4th of July! 🎆 Which wedding dress is your favorite? Red, white, or blue? Red? Photo by White Stag Photography White? Photo by epaga FOTO in Kansas City, KS Or Blue? Photo by Dawn Derbyshire...

Cassie, Jul 17, 2019 30
Bad luck
Nique, on July 1, 2019 at 9:56 PM

So 11 days before the wedding and I was in a car accident and now have bruises all over my neck.

Kimberly, Jul 2, 2019 20
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