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Marrying my high school sweetheart and best friend of nearly seven years!

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February 23, 2020

75days 5hrs : 50min
Cake, Cake, and More Cake
Melissa, Today at 8:55 AM

I am really struggling with this whole cake(s) purchase They are soooo expensive! Is it a must that you have both a wedding and a groom cake? Has anyone considering using the bakery at...

Amber, 7 minutes ago 2
Junior bridesmaids dresses
Haley, Today at 8:52 AM

I have my 10 year old cousin in my wedding party and we have plans to go look for her dress later this month but the place I went to pick my color palette does not have Junior bridesmaids dresses on...

Amber, 10 minutes ago 1
Atlanta Bride how to do an affordable large wedding
Kathleen, Today at 8:06 AM

Hello, Looking for some advice. I am planning a wedding for late fall (November or December) 2020. I have a large extended family and our guest list is about 200 people. I am wondering if anyone has...

Kristen, 47 minutes ago 3
Wedding Shoes
Brandi, Today at 7:51 AM

Hello! How important are wedding shoes?! I like comfort over name brand, I have friends/bridal party who think shoes are important well “brand” is important. Does it really matter if no one will see...

Cyndy, An hour ago 4
We took our engagement photos (pic heavy)
Blair, Today at 8:02 AM

Last night we took our engagement photos. Here are a few of the unedited ones

Katelyn, 6 minutes ago 6
Hashtag help
Stephanie, Yesterday at 11:36 PM

Hi, I need hash tag help for our wedding. My last name is Monzon and his is Matos.

Stephanie, 58 minutes ago 3
Engagement photos !
Jordan, Yesterday at 11:52 PM

How long after you got engaged did you take your pictures ?

Gen, 16 minutes ago 9
Inexpensive wedding dresses
Erastis, Yesterday at 9:59 PM

Hi guys I'm looking for an inexpensive dress. Not planning to spend more than $500.00 This is what I'm looking for.

Amber, An hour ago 7
Need options which dress to you like better .. second thoughts
Sam, Yesterday at 10:04 PM

Hi Lady’s, So I purchased my dress I did love it but wanted to add to the dress now looking back at photos plus I found a photos of a trunk dress they will have in store next year I’m thinking of...

Noelle, 3 hours ago 7
i think we found our venue! 10-23-22
Caitlyn, Yesterday at 10:01 PM

I’m so excited! I feel like once we’ve set our venue with our date all the other planning we’ll be ready to begin! We just toured Lakeview Farm Events in Dover, PA this Sunday (yesterday!) and I...

Alisha, An hour ago 6
Fiancé asking groomsmen?
Carlie, Yesterday at 9:02 PM

Did your fiancé’s ask their groomsmen in a special way? Mine still hasn’t asked/told his groomsmen they’re in the wedding and we’re 200 days away 😅

Amber, Yesterday at 9:51 PM 3
Help Me Choose Colors!
Amber, Yesterday at 3:39 PM

The next thing on my wedding to-do list is purchasing Pashmina Scarves for myself and my bridal party and I'm having a hard time deciding what colors to order. My bridesmaids will be in the color...

Carly, Yesterday at 10:02 PM 18
Changing anniversary date?
Alexis, Yesterday at 9:26 PM

So when choosing our wedding date I felt kind of pressured to have a date in February, because that’s what FH’s mom was pushing for. So I picked Feb 15th because it was the only date in February...

Leslie, 8 hours ago 5
Hair/makeup schedule?
Katherine, Yesterday at 9:27 PM

How did you decide what order your bridesmaids got their hair and makeup done in? Does the bride go first? Last? Did you get your hair or makeup done first? Our ceremony is at 3:30 and I have three...

Cyndy, 28 minutes ago 6
Which Wedding Dress?
Rachel, Yesterday at 6:04 PM

Town between these two dresses? I love them both but can’t decide which I prefer. What are yalls thoughts?

Robin, 3 minutes ago 37
Where is everyone going for their Honeymoon?
Jordan, Yesterday at 4:59 PM

Where is everyone going for their Honeymoon? We are taking a cruise to the Bahamas for 6 days, I am so excited!

Dierdra, 4 hours ago 14
Wedding Party Selection
Sarah, Yesterday at 4:18 PM

My FH and I think we will each have our brother and one friend stand up with us. That would make 4 in our wedding party, besides us. My brother is actually really pleased with the idea of being my...

Amber, Yesterday at 4:42 PM 5
dj Pricing
MaryElena, Yesterday at 4:10 PM

We had our consultation with our potential DJ today. Our venue highly recommended them. The quality of their services is phenomenal. Since they are their preferred vendor they gave us a generous...

MaryElena, Yesterday at 10:32 PM 20
Help Pleasee! Any Ideas welcome!
Kienna, Yesterday at 3:53 PM

I am getting married in October 2020. We are having a Garden ceremony but our reception is inside the venue which she told me is always really really COLD. I chose my dress wayyy before we had a venue...

Erin, Yesterday at 11:34 PM 27
Sending invitations
Sarah, Yesterday at 3:29 PM

How many months before the wedding should we send out the invitations?

Jordan, Yesterday at 4:08 PM 6
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