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Our wedding guests loved hearing "their" song requests flawlessly provided by Chris and Beth of Playlist Event Music at our oldest daughter's wedding in 2004. That wedding dance was so easily planned and such a success that we hired Playlist Event Music to also DJ the wedding receptions of our two younger daughters - one held in Green Bay in 2009 and one held in Appleton in 2010. Chris and Beth personalized the music for each of our 3 wedding receptions. They provided uninterrupted music of our choice and fulfilled on-the-spot requests during the receptions. Their equipment produces excellent sound, and they provide the security of "back-up" equipment too. Beth and Chris are skilled, organized, prompt, easy to work with, and their enthusiasm is contagious. They provide the music that YOU choose - the music that will get your guests on their feet and keep them on the dance floor begging for more. We also found that Playlist Event Music is a tremendous value, providing quality music for considerably less than most other DJ services. If you need a DJ that is easy to work with, a great value, and is sure to please every guest, do not hesitate to contact Beth and Chris of Playlist Event Music!

Profile Picture Susan, 8/20/10, 1 Review
Category: DJ

Anyone needing a DJ for their wedding (or any type of event actually) would be crazy to pass up "Playlist Event Music"! My husband and I were won over, on multiple levels, by the services Chris and Beth had to offer.

First, their pricing is very reasonable! Considering: (1) the costs of other DJ services in the area, along with (2) the competitive/innovative options Playlist can offer its clients, Playlist's pricing is phenomenal. I can honestly say that, in the course of planning our wedding, booking our DJ was the only purchase I didn't have second thoughts about. I/We knew it was not only the right choice, it was a great deal!

Second, their ability/efforts to exceed expectation were clear. Communication before the event was a piece of cake as Beth and Chris had their questions, and their process of scheduling the evening, extremely streamlined. They were quick to answer any questions we had and were always organized with the "next step". Made my job of planning a cinch!

Third, their innovative strategy to plan the playlist prior to the event, while being able to download a song at a moments notice, made their service far superior than anything my husband and I have ever experienced at other events. We had the luxury of pinpointing music that we absolutely wanted played at our wedding, while allowing for the flexibility of having song requests at the event itself. I've been able to request songs at previous weddings, of course, however the songs we were able to chose from were usually from an outdated and very limited list. Chris and Beth were able to purchase/download songs (new, old, rare, everything!) at a moments notice (our reception hall had Wifi, so if they could find it...they could play it!). Our guests were astounded and so impressed!

Finally, the evening was about the MUSIC not about a cheesy performance from the DJ. Chris did a great job of announcing the various dances ("father/daughter", "mother/son", etc.) and was hilarious when doing the bouquet and garter toss but other than that, both Beth and Chris were focused on creating a musical environment that encouraged people to let loose and dance! They accomplished this feat beautifully with a difficult crowd (we had a lot of people that took a lot of convincing to dance!)

I know this review is long, but it is for good reason. I can't say enough positive things about Playlist. They are good people, they are a great DJ company, and they were a WONDERFUL part of one of our most memorable of days! Hire them...they will not let you down!

Profile Picture Carrie , 8/20/10, 1 Review
Category: DJ

This friendly husband and wife team were the DJ's at my wedding, and they were exceptional. They played exactly what we wanted, then, what our guests wanted all night. Far superior and worth it compared to any DIY setup (just an ipod and some tiny speakers). Unlike most near-deaf DJ's, the volume was appropriate so everyone could talk or dance, talking and announcements were minimal and appropriate. I LOVE that none of the DJ clichés applied: they only play The Chicken Dance (and all the other stereotypical wedding songs) at the express direction of the bride and groom! Quick setup, unobtrusive, polite, professional. What more can you ask for?

Profile Picture User1552226, 2+ years ago, 1 Review
Category: DJ

Having a wedding on a budget is not always an easy feat, but with Playlist Event Music, you know you will be getting great service for a great deal! I came across Playlist while attending a friend's wedding. I really enjoyed their laid back nature and the fact that they weren't obnoxiously interrupting the dance to hear themselves talk (as I've experienced with some wedding DJs). I decided to book Beth and Chris for my wedding and I couldn't have made a better choice! My husband and I lived in different states for three months before our wedding, so we did not have time to practice dancing. We finally gave up and requested a simple song to "rock back and forth" to for our first dance. The day before the wedding, my parents taught us how to waltz and we decided to give it a try. Not even knowing a good waltz song, I called Beth and Chris and told them my dilemma. Not only did they suggest a beautiful song, they happily changed our playlist the day before the wedding. During the reception, my friends couldn't stop telling me how fantastic it was that Beth and Chris could download any song they wanted. I would recommend them to anyone!

Profile Picture Laura, 8/8/09, 1 Review
Category: DJ

Beth and Chris went out of their way to find every single song we wanted - and we had a pretty eclectic list!
We could not have found this kind of attentive service anywhere else.

Some of our friends have considered running their own iPods at their weddings,
but here are some of the advantages of hiring Playlist Event Music:
-Our guests had a great time submitting songs to the online request form before the wedding.
-Playlist checked with us on each request, taking the organizational burden off of us.
-Playlist had a much better sound system than we could have ever rented.
-We never had to think about setting up the sound system (or taking it down in the rain!)
-Playlist was able to add to our music during dinner, from their own archives.
-Playlist knew the appropriate volume and type of music to play, so even my grandparents enjoyed themselves.

We've been to another event DJ'd by Playlist, and had a great time there too. Playlist kept us dancing all night!

Profile Picture Michi, 7/19/08, 2 Reviews
Category: DJ

Playlist Event Music is not your standard DJ service. We were tired of attending weddings with loudmouth DJs who told tired old Bride and Groom joke and played the same music from the 90s every time. Live music was too expensive for our budget and we weren't sure we could find something all our guests would enjoy.

Playlist solves all these problems and was created by a couple who had the same dilemma while planning their wedding. You create a song list with Playlist staff that is loaded onto a harddrive. You can request your best friend's favorite song if you like, they'll get it for you.

At the reception itself, Playlist staff are professional, helpful and most of all, silent. They will provide a microphone for your guests, but normally do not do any announcements themselves. Playlist staff will change the order of the music at the reception itself. If you are in a location that has wireless, they will even download new requests for you if they don't have it already.

Our guests danced for four hours with us at our wedding. We had swing music, music from my parents' high school prom, my in laws favorite country song and of course, our favorite songs. Even the bartenders commented on how fun the music was and I even caught them swing dancing behind the bar out of the corner of my eye. The reaction you get from your guests when they realize you have taken the time to play their favorite song is worth every penny.

Profile Picture Kerry, 12/10/05, 1 Review
Category: DJ

I can not say enough about these guys. They were really reasonably priced, and they really listened to what we wanted. They actually let you pick a whole pile of songs if you want, and they'll play them. I recommended them for a friend's wedding, and my friend actually had his guests put in requests on the wedding RSVPs! That was a really good time. These guys are just so helpful, fun, and nice, it was really great. I think we were one of their first weddings, so if they had it that together back then I can only imagine now.

Profile Picture David, 5/21/05, 1 Review
Category: DJ