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Linda and team were great! For all the time and stress they saved me I would have paid double what I actually paid. Not only did they work with and reach out to all of my vendors, they also were proactive and could anticipate anything I or anyone else involved would need. I didn't have to worry about anything with them. From quickly re-arranging the seating plan, to greeting all vendors, to helping guests find there seats, to handling the dessert table, to making sure the wedding party had food and drinks while waiting to be announced, they made our day so stress free. I can't thank Linda and team enough and I would highly recommend them to anyone getting married.

Profile Picture Maria, 8/5/17, 2 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning
Services Used: Religious, Ceremony, Reception, Day-Of Coord., Partial Planning, To-Do Lists, Referrals

I would absolutely encourage anyone who is looking for a fantastic day of coordinator to hire Linda and the Lemon Drop Team. Planning a wedding is stressful enough, but executing the wedding wasn't even on my list of stressors because Linda just handled all of it. Linda helped us with the day of timeline and never made us feel bad for switching up our timeline pretty close to the wedding day. She also coordinated to get all of our vendors on the same page and same timeline before the wedding. On the wedding day, Linda's value really shone because she executed the wedding perfectly. She put me and my husband at ease, found us Red Bull right before the wedding when we asked if any was around, found my nephews (who were ring bearers) right before the wedding when no one had their eyes on them, and handled our deliveries and assembled our centerpieces. I could go on and on about how great she is. Thank you Linda and the rest of the Lemon Drop team!

Profile Picture g, 10/1/16, 3 Reviews
Category: Unique Services (Other)

Linda and Lemon Drop Team were excellent from the start! We hosted our wedding at a venue that was somewhat nontraditional and I felt a little overwhelmed with the lack of structure and decided to search for a Day of Coordinator. Luckily we found Linda! From the start she was always prompt with answering any emails and questions I had. She was a great neutral party to help with decision making. Linda really shined of course the 4 weeks leading up to our wedding taking over the juggling of our multiple vendors and timeline. She really executed my day just how we had planned. My day was practically flawless, when we did have small hiccups in plans Linda swept in to save the day so no one but her and I noticed. I also have to add that she did a fabulous job conducting our rehearsal ceremony (we also did not have a traditional wedding officiant) .
Not only is Linda great at her job but she is so sweet, approachable, and truly listens to you when you are talking. She puts all of her effort into making sure that you have the day that you want. My Fiance and I agree that the best money spent on our wedding was hiring Linda and Lemon Drop Team.

Profile Picture Jennifer, 9/3/16, 2 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning
Services Used: Ceremony, Reception, Day-Of Coord., Timelines, To-Do Lists, Non-Religious

Linda was an amazing person to work with and went above and beyond- not only was our wedding day a dream and flawlessly executed, but the entire 4 weeks leading up to the wedding was a breeze because we had the privilege to work with her. I was super relaxed on our wedding day because, well, I knew that Linda would take care of it- and she did, beyond our expectations.

Linda is the sweetest and so so down to earth. She was the one person at the center of our wedding who I could always turn to and this was so so critical for wedding planning success. She always responded to my emails within a few hours and frequently texted me within minutes when I was having a bride spaz moment. She was always super super patient with me, even when I sent her a novel for an email or texted/called her incessantly. I asked for her opinion on about a million things and basically took her advice/recommendation for everything because they were the best and exactly what I was looking for. Linda asked me questions and took care of details about our wedding that I didn't even think of- she super organized and super meticulous, critical qualities for DOC success. I basically had to do nothing for the whole month before our wedding because Linda took care of everything wedding vendor, wedding day, wedding whatever related. She went above and beyond for us and even did things for us that were definitely not part of her duties.

Linda was, hands down, one of the best decisions we made for our wedding. There was absolutely NO WAY that our wedding would have been even close to what it was without her and we cannot recommend her enough.

Profile Picture Xixi, 9/12/15, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

I love Linda!!! She's not only a great friend, but an awesome day of coordinator and more. Linda helped me from beginning to end. She has given me so much great advice and has been such a great help with everything I've done along the way, I would ask her for feedback on anything I was unsure about. I didn't feel too crazy with all the million of questions I had for her. She would reassure me and let me know that it's okay. She was there for me and continues to be there! She gave me great suggestions/recommendations, for examples my favors. I wanted macarons, but I didn't want to spend a crazy amount of money on them. She recommended me to Ever Sweet Pastry Boutique and I could not have been happier. The macarons were delicious and the owner was so great to work with! As my day got closer, I had to ask Linda a few last minute things that needed to be taken care of on the wedding day. Linda delivered and was happy to take care of all my concerns. She tied my flower decorations on the chairs set up for my ceremony and spread petals along the aisle just as I wanted. My reception room came out so beautiful and better than what I envisioned. She also put the cake topper on my cake! Linda made sure all my requests were met and took great care of me on wedding day. I don't know what I would have done without Linda. She was there whenever I needed her and made sure my day was as perfect as can be. Almost everything was on time. You will not be disappointed. Linda is awesome at what she does.

Profile Picture Stephanie, 9/6/15, 6 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

Working with Linda Lee at Lemon Drop Team was the best decision we made for our wedding! We had a very bad experience with a previous wedding planner and were nervous to try again. However, we could not have found a better person to be our day of coordinator. From the moment I reached out to Linda she was sweet, friendly, organized, thorough, and quick to respond (a quality that not many vendors had). After meeting her for the first time my groom and I were instantly more relaxed, recognizing that Linda was an incredible find who would make our day perfect! She was absolutely amazing in the weeks leading up to our wedding, answering my endless emails and texts. Our wedding was a large Indian fusion wedding with a Catholic and Hindu ceremony in two different locations on the same day. We also had a long list of vendors who had never worked together before. Because there was so much detail and so little time I was incredibly nervous about how the day would play out. I now realize I had no reason to be stressed because Linda and her assistant, Jess, handled everything beautifully. They kept the whole day flowing smoothly, even when another vendor mixed up the day, and we weren’t sure whether or not the ceremony structure would arrive and be assembled in time for the ceremony. Linda was unbelievable! She was cool, calm, and collected insisting that there was a plan B. I cannot even imagine what would’ve happened if she had not been there.

In addition to day of planning, the Lemon Drop Team also created a beautiful dessert and candy table, which was completely customized to the look and feel of our reception. The guests loved the different types of pastries, cakes, and candies with to-go bags. We received so many compliments on the dessert station!

I could not have been more pleased with Linda and the Lemon Drop Team. Linda was truly one of the best things about our wedding day!

Profile Picture User4009756, 2+ years ago, 4 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

Alecia from Lemon Drop Team coordinated my wedding, and it couldn't have gone better. We had another day-of-coordinator cancel on us four weeks before our wedding, and I contacted LDT in a panic. I corresponded with Linda and she immediately put me at ease. They even had another wedding planned for that day, but they split up her team and her senior coordinator (Alecia) served as my main day-of contact. Linda met with me ahead of time, walked through everything I had put together, made a few suggestions for improvements, and handled all of the transfer of information to Alecia so I could be totally hands off for the week before the wedding.

On the day of our wedding, I was blown away. The reception room looked better than I ever imagined, thanks to Alecia's creativity with displaying our never-ending DIY elements. Alecia anticipated my needs (from bringing me a bottle of water during pictures without asking to having my signature cocktail ready for me right before the ceremony to calm my nerves), and she handled issues that came up - like when we ran out of hard booze and then, after asking if we wanted more, magically two more bottles appeared. My parents anticipated that they'd be helping with the set up, but Alecia wouldn't allow it and made them go have some fun! They still call her "the general" because she took charge of everything so well. I can't imagine how our day would have gone without her. Lemon Drop Team was totally worth every penny - probably the best money we spent on our wedding.

Profile Picture Carly, 8/29/15, 2 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

Linda was amazing. We couldn't have gotten through our wedding day without her. She was my day-of-coordinator (note, she is not a wedding planner). It started to pour in the middle of our August outdoor cocktail reception and she organized all of the vendors and guests to move to a tented and indoor location. The groom and I got stranded under an awning in the downpour while taking pictures, and she helped to mobilize to come get us with a golf cart. It was crazy. She really took over on the day of the wedding and made sure all of the vendors were coordinated. The groom and I got ready in separate location, then the church was another location, and the reception was yet another location. We had several different vendors for food and alcohol, so this definitely wasn't an easy wedding. Linda handled it like a pro and had two assistants with her to help. We sat down and came up with a detailed timeline a couple of weeks before the wedding and she came to the rehearsal at the church. The only thing I would have done differently is to have met and hashed out the timeline with Linda earlier. I think this would have helped the vendors since we had so many different ones. But I live out of state, so it wasn't easy to coordinate meeting earlier. If I had to do the wedding all over again, I would hire Linda in a heartbeat. She is friendly and professional and never lost her cool, which is really important on a stressful day. Can't recommend her more.

Profile Picture User4584693, 2+ years ago, 4 Reviews
Category: Unique Services (Other), Wedding Planning
Services Used: Cultural, Religious, Day-Of Coord., Ceremony, Reception

The LemonDropTeam were truly a dream to work with. I was referred to Linda, the lead coordinator, a few months before my wedding after splitting ways with my planner though a nice lady proved to lack the professional experience and knowledge we needed. I knew after the first phone call with Linda she embodied the professionalism, true expertise, and "can do" attitude we were looking for. She helped coordinate our wedding seamlessly and provided/contacted outstanding vendors as needed. Communication (emails, phone calls, face 2 face meetings) with her was very easy and she was very responsive to emails if not within a few hours then before the next day. My advice to brides is that open communication and support are the main aspects of coordinating and planning, and so it is key to work with a team known for this and the LemonDropTeam exceeded expectations.

Profile Picture Myrlene, 10/12/14, 5 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

I had the chance to work with Linda of the Lemon Drop Team, and it was easily one of the best decisions we made! First - if you're thinking of whether or not you should get a day of coordinator (DOC) at all, just do it. We were budget-conscious and I'm pretty good with details, so when we started the whole planning thing, we didn't know if it was a worthwhile investment. But after talking to married friends, every single one said they were so glad they had a coordinator...or really wished they had gotten one. We decided that it was worth investing in a DOC to give us the peace of mind of knowing that we could entrust an experience pro with all the big and tiny things (and spare our friends and family from having to fill in that role so they could also properly enjoy themselves!). We were grateful for this decision over and over again throughout the rest of our planning!

Next - which DOC? I researched a whole bunch, and knew that I needed someone I really felt comfortable with - who would be patient with all my questions, nonjudgmental for how I chose to do my wedding, and a wealth of good suggestions and advice. Linda came highly recommended by a friend, and after interviewing my shortlist of DOC candidates, I knew that Linda would be perfect. She is incredibly organized in a way that relaxes you in knowing you're in such competent hands. She was great about nudging me along to make sure I covered all the necessary ground, but was also super-gentle in not stressing me out in the process. She was great in helping recommend, getting me in (and even getting discounts!) with amazing vendors. She was also really great in being co-conspirator and working with some of our friends who were planning a surprise production for us in the middle of our reception. The day of, Linda and her assistant were true champs, and made our multi-site wedding turn out beautifully. Friends commented on how calm I was all day, and I would smile to myself and think, Well, I have Linda :)

Profile Picture Xi, 7/19/14, 7 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

I could spend pages regaling you with examples of how amazing Linda is, but in the interest of keeping this readable I will say, amongst all the vendors we worked with, by far and away the best money we spent when planning our wedding was when we hired Linda. As a husband to be forced into the planning of a wedding Linda’s help, expertise, and just general awesomeness were an amazing help. Our wedding was perfect down to every detail and I can say with absolute certainty that it was due in large part to Linda.
When my wife (now) and I first contacted Linda we were originally looking for a full on wedding planner. The whole kit and caboodle. Neither of us was particularly interested in planning a wedding, and paying someone to do all that work seemed like an awesome idea. Linda let us know that her and her team were a ‘Day of’ Wedding planning service, which initially made us hesitant. I thought if we managed to get to the day, a planner wouldn’t really be necessary. I only mention this in case anyone reading is thinking the same. I can tell you unequivocally that Linda was exactly what we needed. Not only did she maintain the details of the day and take all stress from us during that day which allowed us to fully enjoy our special day, but in the year or so leading up to our wedding she was in frequent contact (and always available when we needed her) helping us through the various details of a successful wedding.
Even if you have the majority of your day planned out from various things you have picked up throughout your life, I can tell you the best thing you could do is to hire Linda to coordinate your wedding. She is the perfect person to help you make your dreams come true, or even better come up with some amazing dreams if you happen to enter without any of your own. And on the day she makes everything so seamless, I went in expecting to get torn to shreds trying to keep it all together but Linda made it so we could just enjoy the day stress free.

Profile Picture Michael, 5/10/14, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

Hiring a Linda to help with my Indian/Pakistani wedding was one of the best decisions of the whole event! I heard of the Lemon Drop Team through a friend and from the other reviews posted about the companies’ services I decided to look further into it. After meeting Linda for the first time, I knew it would be a great idea. She was extremely friendly and easy to get along with.

Linda was exceptionally professional and very easy to get a hold of. She always replied to my emails the same day and had great insight on vendors or DIY ideas that I could try. She even helped to look over vendor contracts before I signed them. Having her insight and knowledge on vendors gave me a real peace of mind throughout the whole planning process.

But the real magic happened on the day of the event. I must admit that I was little hesitant that Linda may not know how to handle or execute an Indian/Pakistani wedding or guest but she was remarkable. She executed the timeline (which she helped to put together) flawlessly. My whole family was very impressed by her work that day as were my husband and I. Throughout the entire night Linda was by our side and taking care of all the logistics at the same time. She seemed to know exactly what I needed (like needing a glass of water after smiling for pictures for hours). Her ability to stay calm through situations really helped me to stay calm and relax as well.

I would highly recommend the Lemon Drop Team for D.O.C. services!

Profile Picture Sadaf , 9/27/13, 4 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

I hired Linda to take care of the reception decoration and set-up for my wedding, and she was SO helpful and did a GREAT job transforming the reception venue into what I had envisioned. With my wedding day jammed packed with events and traveling, I knew that I needed someone who can ease my mind off of the reception portion of the day. Linda was just the perfect person for it. She was very organized, detailed oriented, and responsive to all my emails and questions. I didn't email her all the details until the night before and the guest list until the day of, but Linda got all the details just right and even improvised to enhance the decoration and set-up. She was also a HUGE help coordinated with vendors and helping to formulate the timeline of the reception. I was able to focus on and enjoy the other portions of the wedding day because of Linda. I don't know what I would have done without her guidance and help. I really highly recommend Linda and her team! You're going to love her and her service!

Profile Picture User3530763, 2+ years ago, 3 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

Linda from the Lemon Drop Team was one of the best wedding planning decisions we made! We initially had not planned on having a day-of coordinator, but after hearing a number of our married friends either regret not having one or rave about how great it was to have one, we decided to go ahead and make the investment. After meeting with Linda, we were so impressed with her knowledge, experience, and friendliness that we decided to cancel our meetings with other coordinators and hire her.

Linda is extremely organized and proactive. Once we hired her, she checked in with us at the beginning of each month to see how the planning was going. As an out-of-town bride, I found Linda to be very helpful and accommodating. I even ended up finding my wedding hair designer through Linda. Leading up to the wedding, especially the last week, even though we thought we were prepared and ready, a lot of small unexpected issues came up. For us, it was great to know that Linda was on top of everything that was going on, and all the issues were being dealt with professionally, which kept us calm throughout the week/day. Even beforehand, when we were deciding the order of events for our ceremony and reception, it was tremendously helpful to be able to consult with Linda, who could guide us through the process based on her extensive experience.

For Linda, day-of-coordination is not just helping out on the day of the wedding. Linda will go above and beyond to make sure everything is set before the wedding takes place and everyone involved in the wedding is on the same page, so that on the wedding day, everything will go as smoothly as possible. It was a hectic week/day for us, and we can’t imagine how overwhelming and stressful it would have been without Linda. Our wedding was a great success thanks to Linda’s team. The wedding day should be a happy, worry-free day for the bride and groom, and Linda and her team will make sure that is the case. Thanks, Linda!

Profile Picture Edna, 6/8/13, 3 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

The Lemon Drop Team was a crucial part of the success of my wedding. Linda was constantly going out of her way to go above and beyond to make not only the day of the wedding smooth but also the days leading up. I had a difficult time with my multi-ethnic wedding traditions and had many demands, often last minute, from every family member. Linda adapted quickly, was a calming presence and took everything that my chaotic wedding could throw at her. I remember the relief I would have after each meeting with her, particularly one day when we she told me that the day of the wedding she wanted me to not think of a thing, not to look at the time, not to worry about vendors or following a timeline b/c she would come take me by the hand when it was time for the next thing. And she did.

A wedding, at least mine was, an incredible amount of details, work and unpredictability but Linda and her team did an excellent job. What a great value she was too. Knowing what I know now I would definitely not hesitate a moment to book her, for all that she did for me.

Profile Picture Sue + Q, 12/1/12, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

I have so many good things to say about Linda Lee from Lemon Drop Team, I don't know where to begin! As soon as I got engaged, I knew I wanted to plan the bulk of my wedding but would need someone to do day of coordination so that I could just enjoy my special day stress free. Day of coordination is Linda's specialty. As soon as I reached out to Linda, she was prompt with her response. She was open and flexible to work around our busy schedules for our initial consult. When we met with her, we could tell that she is knowledgeable and would be a pleasure to work with. I was a very organized and informed bride so it took a lot for me to be impressed! Once we started working with Linda, I would get monthly check in emails on the first of every month on the dot! It was nice to touch base with someone there willing to assist you. If I had a question I couldn’t answer, I would email Linda and she would always respond quickly and go above and beyond with recommendations. During the last month before the big day, Linda played a big role in putting all the pieces together. She touched base with all my vendors so I didn’t have to. She assisted with and compiled the day of timeline which included all vendors and bridal party contacts as well as specific times, location and roles for each person involved. It was thorough and detailed, just the way I like it. She assigned to us a TO DO list for her team to do on the day of. Little things here and there for her to do were a huge help and a burden off us. You don’t realize how many random little things need to get done and with her around to assist, our family and our bridal party could enjoy the festivities along with us. It was also crucial to have her around during the day to make sure we were on schedule. I find that having a successful event depends on the flow and time management. With Linda there, she will ensure you and your guests will have a seamless experience. I highly recommend Linda and the whole Lemon Drop Team!

Profile Picture Van, 9/1/12, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

Linda Lee and the Lemon Drop Team provided excellent wedding planning coordination for our wedding this past weekend (June 2012). Not only was her team competent and capable, they were also able to think quickly on their feet with the few hiccups we had throughout the day. They exuded the 3 C's: cool, calm, and collected.

Linda has been superbly responsive since the first day we met. She came fully prepared with her iPad, our file, and a cup of coffee ready to plan. We kept her hands full with both Chinese and American wedding traditions and customs. Throughout the months leading up to the wedding, Linda checked in with us each month to ask if we had any questions and made sure our to-do lists were getting checked off at the appropriate time. The weeks leading up to the wedding were quite hectic with last minute details, but Linda kept calm and kept us calm.

Our final consultation the month before the wedding was extremely helpful. Linda and I went through the details of the day, play by play, and created a VERY detailed timeline of the day that we ended up sharing with all of our vendors, wedding party, and close family members. I have to say, everyone was very impressed with how detailed this schedule was. When my then fiance and I made final confirmation calls with all of our vendors, no one had any questions, praising how detailed Linda from the Lemon Drop Team's timeline was.

Our wedding day could not have run so smoothly without the help of Linda and her team. There was always one person on the team helping with the current task at hand while another person on the team was two steps ahead, preparing away. No matter how well planned a wedding can be, there are always a couple details/questions that arise. Linda and her team were always there to take care of these small issues.

My husband and I truly value the Lemon Drop Team's help on our wedding day. We are very grateful to have my Maid of Honor recommend her services to us. We wish the Lemon Drop Team the best of luck in more sweet planning!

Profile Picture Lisa, 6/9/12, 3 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

I can not relish enough over the terrific job that Linda and her team did! Linda has been amazing since the first day we started.

Let me note that my wedding was initially planned for August 2011 but was caught in the midst of Hurricane Irene and was postponed till this past May 2012. I also moved to Philly during peak wedding planning and was getting married in Newport, Rhode Island. Yikes! I was beyond stressed and Linda as my husband likes to call her “the Anh whisperer.” It didn’t matter what it was, how crazy my day was going and how many mishap occurred with my vendors, Linda was there to calm me and took care of things. A call or email and Linda was on top of things. I especially appreciated that my emails were almost instantly answered, if not within 24hours I would hear from Linda.

Linda checked in at the beginning of every month. We updated each other and she would answer any questions or concerns I had. She was amazing when it came to Vendor referral. She gave me tons of options for hair and makeup people. I told her I wanted to do a phootobooth but wanted something different then what everyone else was doing. So she found us a flipbook vendor, who ended up being a huge hit at our wedding. Our guest still raves about it.

Linda, may be very calm and light spoken but when things need to be done she made it happen. (Who knows maybe she broke them down with her kindness.) But being an admittingly crazy bridezilla, I usually found a way to get things done and when I couldn’t Linda worked her magic. For instance, during the first (planned) wedding we were going to have a do it yourself smores bar and they wouldn’t allow an open fire. I pleaded with them and they wouldn’t let it happen. But Linda somehow convinced them. The venue even let me in several hours earlier than most brides to get ready and shoot our pictures. And I knew this because my hair stylist had whispered to me “how did you manage to get in her so early? I’m a preferred vendor here and have not seen a bride here this early.”

On the wedding day, Linda managed to keep me sane. Her calm attitude really rubs off on everyone. She was able to coordinate everything as planned. The scheduled timeline she made for me went smoothly. At the end of the night, my things were gathered and delivered to my hotel room. (Completely necessary since I had no idea where anything was) There were minor hiccups, as with any wedding but I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. My Father-in-law fell in love with her as did we all. He still raves about her till this day.

A wedding coordinator is a must for brides! Especially one that is highly meticulous and extremely passionate about what she does, like Linda.! I would highly recommend Linda and her team to my friends and family. You will no doubt be making the right choice if you choose Lemon Drop Team!

Profile Picture anh, 5/26/12, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning

If I could give Lemon Drop Team a 10 I would! I have to say that not only did Linda Lee of Lemon Drop team completely impress me, but she impressed my new husband, all of my vendors, bridal party, friends, and most importantly my parents!!

Every vendor we talked to praised Linda for helping make things happen. At our day after wedding brunch people talked about her. My parents even did. My Dad kept saying how she ran around all night making things work and how nice she was and how much he liked her and was glad she made our wedding happen.

Lemon Drop Team is a WONDERFUL choice to use on your wedding day. I don't think ours would have been half as good without them.

Not only did they provide services that far exceeded my expectations, but they also set up our amazing candy station which acted as favors for our guests (they did not stop raving about the candy station), but also the level of professionalism, organization, and complete customer focus is in my opinion unmatched.

All of this and more: Linda provided a level of emotional support for me that was like that of a friend.

Thanks Lemon Drop Team for making our day so wonderful. Please see the review of Lemon Drop Team on Yelp, where you may contact me personally if you would like a personal reference and if you have any questions.


Profile Picture Farrah, 4/14/12, 2 Reviews
Category: Favors & Gifts, Unique Services (Other), Wedding Planning

We hired Linda at the Lemon Drop Team as our day-of-coordinator and to put together a candy buffet for us. We were incredibly happy with her services in both areas. As our DOC, Linda not only made the wedding day run smoothly, she was in constant contact with all of our vendors in the weeks leading up to the wedding to make sure that every detail was taken care of. We didn't realize how busy those last few weeks would be, and it was such a relief to know that Linda was taking care of things like finalizing the transportation schedule, confirming our meal orders with the venue, and letting all of our vendors know when to arrive. During the wedding day itself, Linda was invaluable in working with the venue staff to make sure everything went smoothly. She also quickly and effectively dealt with the small number of snags that came up. For example, our florist delivered one piece that was different than what we had ordered, and Linda quickly worked with the florist to resolve the problem and give us what we wanted. As for the candy buffet, Linda put together a fantastic candy buffet with all of our favorite childhood candies. It looked amazing, and our guests are still raving about it. We can't imagine our wedding day going so well without Linda's presence, and we would highly recommend Lemon Drop Team to anyone looking for a DOC or a candy buffet.

Profile Picture Jon, 11/24/11, 1 Review
Category: Favors & Gifts, Wedding Planning

Linda is fantastic and a great listener. She listened to my vision of the wedding and made my dreams come true. Even with my constant indecisiveness and changes, Linda was patient and just made it work. I was living in NYC at that time but was getting married in Boston. She corresponded with all the vendors and did so much research for me since it was hard for me to be in Boston at times. Her attention to details and passion to do great work were greatly appreciated. Thank you for making my day so magical. Go with Lemon Drop Team! You won't be disappointed.

Profile Picture Susan, 5/15/10, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Planning