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I love artistically designing dream experiences for couples
  • Are you "a visual person"?
  • Is "the look" of your special day a priority for you?
  • Do you have a thousand ideas but want to make sure it comes together seamlessly?

I'm more specialized than a traditional Planner, we're a high-end event design planning boutique visually telling your love story for a one-of-a-kind wedding experience.

WHAT SETS US APART:  Our Event Designer presents clients with custom artwork depicting each unique wedding designs for approval and then will bring the illustrations to life. 

ABOUT FLOWERS & DECOR:  Yes, our Design & Consulting Studio works like "Interior Designer firm" for your wedding complete with award-winning fresh floral designs, decor details, rentals,ceiling draping, and more. 

ABOUT US: Our goal has been working with amazing clients to create a personalized look of their special day.  Since 2006 Janel and her team have delighted couples with Designer Wedding Consulting and "Day of" Design Execution Team.  Vivid Expressions can book up to over a year in advance for contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Categories: Wedding Planner

Regions serviced: Hampton Roads

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Janel did a fantastic job with my July wedding. I received numerous compliments from guests and the catering staff on the decor. I trusted her completely to create something beautiful and she really went above and beyond and put together exactly what I envisioned and then some. I really don't understand why anyone would work with anyone else for their event she is undoubtedly the best.

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Profile Picture stephanie, 7/15/17, 4 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

Janel is awesome! I met with her for our September 24th wedding and explained I'm not a frilly bride...she slid a smile on her face and answered no problem. I was worried my next statement would be the real issue...no flowers....the smile never left. She assured me there were so many options and she was right. Her creativity is nothing short of genius. She worked with me to understand who I really am and what I really wanted. She provided a sketch of the reception and church design to my amazement. And wowed me again with the design of the sweetheart table. A true professional and a jewel to work with.

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Profile Picture Tennille, 9/24/16, 11 Reviews
Category: Flowers, Lighting & Decor

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Concept to creation to celebration
1:03 minutes
Vivid Expressions Bailey-Keen Design Collection
1:37 minutes

Professional Network & Endorsements

Janel and her team do an incredible job of crafting a couple’s vision and making it a reality for their wedding day. Janel herself has an extensive background in wedding décor and planning. Her years of experience coupled with her creative mind with make for an unforgettable design plan for your wedding day. -Brittany, Catering Sales Manager

Janel is one of the most talented people we know! We finally had the opportunity to work with her for a May wedding, and our Artists loved her. Of course they would- she's organized, personable, responsible, and dedicated to her clients! We can't wait to work with her again!

Janel is an amazing woman! She is very organized and creative and addresses the smallest details to make your wedding special. I highly recommend the services she offers!

Janel is such a pleasure to work with! First of all, she is a multi-talented artist, providing everything from complete event design, floral arrangements, candy buffets, custom artwork, onsite caricatures to her relationships w/ other vendors that result in very unique products (copper engraved place settings? sure, why not!). Her kindness, energy and clear love of what she does is infectious. We referred her to one of our corporate clients, who needed a full ballroom event design + execution in ONE WEEK and she did an amazing job. When the company owner went to make his welcome speech, the very first thing he mentioned was how impressed he was with the decor.



3921 Granby Street, Suite B, Norfolk, VA 23504   See On Map
757-802-3199 (phone) 757-802-3199 (fax)
Design & Consulting Studio Appointments Strongly Recommended - Contact us to schedule appointments Serving Virginia, DC, NC and beyond
Vivid Expressions LLC is a wedding Event Design, Floral Design, and Wedding Decor Studio from Norfolk servicing weddings throughout the local area, including Virginia Beach, Williamburg, and North Carolina. Vivid Expressions LLC is a professional Designer that has been part of the Hampton Roads wedding industry since 2006 specializing in Wedding Design, Floral Design, Decor, Art, Caricatures, Draping, and more.