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Troyal Events is a highly-creative, wedding planning and design company serving Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland, as well as destination weddings!  We believe that whatever a client wants to do for their wedding is the right way to do it.  There's no judgment on our end, only encouragement. 

Our typical clients are the non-traditional and unconventional couples, who aspire to have high-end, luxury weddings.  Anything a client wants can come to fruition since we have the largest network of vendors in the region!

We are very personable, fun, creative, and easy to work with!  We enjoy building relationships with our clients, while making sure all of their planning needs and expectations are exceeded.  Essentially, we know how to make the planning process enjoyable for everyone :-)

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Regions serviced: Washington DC

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We really loved working with Troy. At our first meeting, when we were in the early stages of planning, Troy really impressed us. He had done research on our venue. Troy had found pictures of our space and offered design ideas and helped us get a vision. Throughout the entire process, Troy was incredibly organized. It was especially helpful when we walked through our schedule with him. He was professional in offering recommendations to improve upon our plans - and his knowledge of the little details made our day go smoothly. As google drive fans, we loved having tasks clearly outlined for us to communicate vendor information to Troy.
It was such a gift to hand things off to him at our rehearsal and let him guide our guests and vendors through the weekend's events! Many people told us that our wedding day was going to be stressful but we strongly disagree. We credit Troy for this. We were able to truly enjoy our special day with people we loved because we knew he was working his butt off in the background.

Profile Picture Megan, 6/9/18, 2 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

Troy was amazing from start to finish. We had the "day of" wedding package, which really is the month of which is AMAZING. As with most weddings, various things went wrong the week leading up to the wedding (make up person cancelled, rentals dropped off in the wrong location, etc.) and he took it like a champ. Honestly, nothing seemed to phase him which made us feel calm. Everything, of course, went off PERFECTLY and it was ALL because of Troy. When the ladies were late Troy passed around water bottles to the guests, and almost EVERYONE commented how nice that was. Everyone loved him. His prices are VERY competitive AND you get so much more for the money. Our only regret was not hiring him from start to finish, really. Our wedding day was absolutely perfect and we owe it all (really) to him.

Profile Picture Nina, 9/23/17, 2 Reviews
Category: Wedding Planning

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Amazing wedding! Great pros to work with. What a pleasure!


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Troyal Events is a wedding Planner Designer from Washington DC. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland. Troyal Events is a professional wedding Planner Designer that has been part of the Washington DC wedding industry for 8 years. We specialize in Wedding planning wedding wedding design unique wedding custom wedding .