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About Shuttered Light Photography & Video

Providing a fun time capturing your moments & making beautiful wedding photographs & videos.



Our Goal. Provide a fun time capturing your moments and make beautiful wedding photographs and videos that fits your budget. 

Where We Operate. We cover Southern California - Los Angeles, Orange County, Santa Barbara and Ventura County. We also love to travel for destination weddings. 

Convenience. We have you in mind. We offer you to have a one-stop-shop for photography and video services. 

Aside from photo and video coverage, we also provide prints, albums, canvas and photobooth.

Bottom Line. We do not limit ourselves with weddings but we also cover other events to immortalize important milestones in your life.


For inquiries, click this link: http://form.jotform.us/form/21435126450141

Check our work on our website: http://www.shutteredlight.com

You can contact us via email. Hello@ShutteredLight.com


Categories: Wedding Photographer

Regions serviced: Los Angeles

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60 Reviews for Shuttered Light Photography & Video

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Shuttered lights Photography and video are the best. Richard, Robbie and the whole Shuttered light team are amazing. My husband and I are very happy with the video. They are the dream team when it comes to videography. Richard and his team are very professional and very easy and fun to work with. Richard is always very prompt answering every emails and questions we had. They were able to capture every moment and details of our wedding that will last a lifetime. Everything was captured perfectly from the save the date, the same day edit, the highlights even the raw, behind the scenes videos. All of our families and friends were amazed by how the videos came out. Thank you Shuttered lights for everything. We would highly recommend Richard, Robbie and the Shuttered lights team to all of our family and friends.

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Profile Picture Joanna, 1/6/18, 2 Reviews
Category: Videography

My husband and I hired Shuttered Light Photography for our wedding in September and let me just say…they are the best in the business! We researched several photographers before our coordinator found Shuttered Light. I was really concerned about finding the right company because pictures of our wedding are so meaningful and irreplaceable. Hiring Shuttered Light to photograph our wedding was the best decision we ever made. We were so impressed by their work and Richard’s personality put us immediately at ease, from the very first meeting. Richard and Don made the whole process natural and fun! Their passion clearly matches their talent. They were able to capture every special moment from a day that meant the world to us. They caught all the little details and really brought our wedding to life through pictures. We got our pictures only two weeks after the wedding!! Going through them and getting to see all the care and attention they poured into capturing our special moments brought tears to my eyes. Words cannot describe how amazing Shuttered Light Photography is. You will not go wrong hiring them to capture a special moment in your life.

Profile Picture Jessica, 9/24/17, 1 Review
Category: Photography

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Professional Network & Endorsements

Professional and experts in their field. Richard and Robbie are a pleasure to work with and work for. I highly recommend Shuttered Light Photography and Video.

Always great working with Rob and Richard! Awesome work!

Shuttered Light Photography & Video has not only participated in many of our Bridal Shows but we also were able to see their work in action when they took amazing photos of our Anaheim Convention Center Wedding Expo including awesome photo journalistic shots and posed shots of the fashion show models. Their professionalism, customer service and quality work put them among Southern California's top wedding professionals!

I love working with professionals who are willing to go the extra mile. Richard and his team were great! We had a few changes to our original plan, something normal, and there were happy to work with the changes. I look forward to working with Richard and his team again.

I recently had the honor to work with Richard at Shuttered Light. The photos and videos were impeccable! The video was like a movie; it was heart felt. I loved how he captured the couples emotions, well done on the editing! So good that I paid him to cut me a commercial for my business! Shuttered Light is now at the top of my referral list, his work is simply amazing!



Based in Santa Clarita and serves Los Angeles, Orange County, Santa Barbara and Ventura counties, CA 91384   See On Map
661-607-3957 (phone)
9am - 6pm @ www.ShutteredLight.com
Shuttered Light Photography & Video is a wedding Photographer and Videographer from Los Angeles California. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Los Angeles, Orange County, and even out of state destination weddings. Shuttered Light Photography & Video is a professional wedding Photographer and Videographer that has been part of the Los Angeles and Orange County wedding industry for 6 years. We specialize in Contemporary, Photojournalistic and Cinematic style.