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We are a professional service that has been in the business for 23 years. We draw on our experience to make sure your event goes as smoothly as possible.
Disc jockeys are not only entertainers, they are coordinators and artists in their own right. Every event comes with its own challenges and you need to have someone working for you that has the preparation and experience necessary to make sure everything goes off without a hitch.
We will meet with you ahead of time to make sure all your needs are met and that we leave no questions unanswered. Our services are guaranteed to make sure everything we do meets your expectations.
All of our equipment is professional quality and we come fully equipped to every event. Finally, we carry full liability insurance to protect our equipment and the venues we perform in.


Cost vs. Value is very important to us and that is why we make sure everything we do lives up to standards of quality and professionalism that we have described above.

Don't leave the quality of your memories to chance.
Let us help you make the best memories of your life.

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Regions serviced: Green Bay, Milwaukee

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Travis and Mark were amazing to work with -- they were responsible, responsive, and played fantastic music that aligned with our tastes and preferences.

Before the wedding, they contacted us well in advance and asked about our preferences in music, including "must play" songs, "do not play", and general tastes. We had A LOT of preferences across a wide range of music types, and Mark was able to incorporate all of our preferences in a fun, appealing, and perfectly timed way. During the wedding preparation, he provided helpful guidance on songs that we may want to use for speeches, entrances, etc. when we had questions.

During the dinner, he helped cue us for speeches and made sure that we stayed on time. During dinner he played really great music that helped amplify the mood but did not overshadow speeches. Then, he cued the dance floor and the music he played all night was nothing short of amazing! He mixed old-school pop and r&b hits, with class songs, and modern songs with seamless transitions. He was judicious in the requests he took, which made our guests feel heard without allowing anything crazy to happen.

It's rare that both parents and college friends love the DJ, but our parents and friends couldn't stop raving about the music at the wedding. Madison Mobile DJ service was a pleasure to work with and provided a wonderful experience. I couldn't recommend nicer or more talented DJs

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Profile Picture Katie, 7/20/18, 3 Reviews
Category: DJ

Mark was our DJ and he kept our dance floor full the entire night!! He was extremely attentive to what we wanted and checked in with us often to ensure we were being well taken care of. He did our ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception! We would absolutely use him again and would suggest him to anyone looking to have a great night!

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Profile Picture Kayla, 7/14/18, 2 Reviews
Category: DJ
Services Used: Disco Ball, Microphones, Sound/PA System, Uplighting, Consultation, Do-Not-Play List, MC, One Event Per Day

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2 Wedding Deals & Discounts

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Photo Booth Special

$995.00 Value | Redeem In-Store
Save $245.00 right now off our normal pricing. We're offering 4 hours for the price of 3. You'll get 4 hours of our great photo booth. This normally books out at $250 per hour. However with the special it's now 4 hours for $750.00
Offer Expires: 10/31/2025
Available to the first 1 couple
220x220 sq 1446824268389 military image

Salute to Service Men

$1,295.00 Value | Redeem In-Store
We're proud to offer all military, EMT, police, fire fighter, teachers
Offer Expires: 10/31/2025
Available to the first 1 couple

Professional Network & Endorsements

Great to work with!

Madison Mobile DJ's has been to our place a number of times. Travis and his crew were very professional and will work with you and your venue. When we find out that Travis and company are the DJ's, we know that we have nothing to worry about and everyone is going to have a great time.

Travis and his team are the most passionate Professional DJs that I can think of. I have been in this industry for over 13 years and got my start learning directly from Travis. I have seen him in a variety of professional roles and one thing is always for sure. Travis is NEVER "half-in" he gives himself and 110% of his enthusiasm in everything he does. When I cannot service a couple I always refer them to Travis as I know with certainity that putting them in travis' hands is most likely to result in the best outcome for that couple. Travis has so much experience to draw from and so much passion for what he does, you simply cannot go wrong. Not to mention his VOICE. Best voice in the wedding industry. hands down. :-) Thanks travis!

We first heard Travis not at a wedding but on the radio when he hosted, among other things, the Bo Ryan Show. Since then, we have worked with Madison Mobile DJ Service as sound coordinator at weddings we have officiated and at which he follows our cues with precision and plays the correct music at the right time. In addition, his motto, "Less Worries...More Dancing," is evident throughout the entire reception. Our experience is that he will give you more than what you paid for by providing great entertainment at a great value. Check out Travis and his team at Madison Mobile DJ Service for less worries and more dancing!


6214 Schroeder Road, Madison, WI 53711   See On Map
608-770-6106 (phone)
Madison Mobile DJ Service is a wedding Dj from Madison, wisconsin. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Wisconsin Dells, Milwaukee, and Janesville. Madison Mobile DJ Service is a professional wedding dj that has been part of the Madison, Wisconsin wedding industry for 23 years. We specialize in Wedding Ceremonies, Uplighting, Receptions, and Dj Services.