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The Experienced, Caring and Quick Calligraphy Artist

At Ink 'n Pen calligraphy, there IS a difference!

We invite you to view photos

of some of our past projects.

Our specialty is beautifully lettered envelopes.

It is a personalized work of art

delivered to your guest's door.


At Ink 'n Pen

calligraphy is alive and flourishing

with a passion.


  • 35 Years of Professional Calligraphy Experience 
  •  Member of The South Florida Calligraphy Guild since 1984
  • Studied with world renowned masters
  • Hand lettered exclusively in a smoke free environment
  • Custom, waterproof ink and many styles to coordinate with the invitation
  • Conscientious, friendly and fast service
  • Accepts Credit Cards
  • Hours of Operations- 7 days a week, by appointment only.


Some of My Satisfied Clients:

-Lili and Howard W. Buffett

-Donald and Melania Trump

-Chris Evert

Categories: Wedding Invitation

Regions serviced: Miami

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Words cannot describe how perfect the calligraphy was on our engagement party invitations. The typefont went perfect with the engagement theme! Moreover, Gail's attention to detail is simply unparalleled. I implore you to use this company! You will be more than satisfied!

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Profile Picture Ilexis, 8/26/17, 1 Review
Category: Invitations
Services Used: Calligraphy, Custom Invitations

Working with gail at ink n pen was the most stress free part of wedding planning. She was not only quick to respond in email/text but also fast at getting the job done. I loved my invitation envelopes so much that I used ink n pen again when it came to the table name cards. Both projects came out beautifully, I highly recommend Ink n Pen!!!

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Profile Picture User6793574, 1+ year ago, 3 Reviews
Category: Invitations
Services Used: Custom Invitations, Place Cards, Addressing, Calligraphy, Consultations

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Calligraphy Samples

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220x220 sq 1527614678 82b06e6b1bee9578 1527614676 846fd741c08f8516 1527614669590 1 img 20180529 13153
220x220 sq 1527628576 5f45782765d59464 1470919999616 gail6
220x220 sq 1524254102 be93f478c6a6d923 1484583872724 gail2
220x220 sq 1524254074 b220f7f5987f2fb3 1471008437542 ink
220x220 sq 1511195701553 20171108121733
220x220 sq 1471007811195 gail16
220x220 sq 1478617469669 newgail
220x220 sq 1524254024 43eb79f42e5fd819 1471008436513 ink2
220x220 sq 1524253995 872f833120880ff9 1480618910413 gail2
220x220 sq 1524253970 771b4411fd02d9e8 1478544430610 gail1
220x220 sq 1524253891 a13f77b64adccc15 1470921319518 gail7
220x220 sq 1524253863 8fd79586025522ab 1470921381730 gail17
220x220 sq 1524253820 b05fe727105d8212 1470921332115 gail10
220x220 sq 1524253792 81d5a1b46a95405b 1470921337497 gail11
220x220 sq 1524253729 3031b0f79126dd26 1470921374554 gail16
220x220 sq 1524253705 82ba0c3084efad88 1524253700 5d49b4efbd07c223 1471008450305 ink4
220x220 sq 1491748195093 20170409101939
220x220 sq 1524253643 5b1638da6caaf769 1470921355564 gail13
220x220 sq 1524253608 5e0cb63e23ee96b3 1471008456466 ink5
220x220 sq 1524253557 29c0c03675753232 1524253552 e4d0119db5b85722 1524253548 b33321da1f3e0ece 147100
220x220 sq 1471007804939 gail15
220x220 sq 1471027064728 gailll
220x220 sq 1485191350685 gail
220x220 sq 1471008540339 ink6
220x220 sq 1478617090509 newgail3
220x220 sq 1474635123264 gail2
220x220 sq 1476385838171 gail
220x220 sq 1478613688534 pic75
220x220 sq 1478617066745 newgail2
220x220 sq 1478617331906 newgail4
220x220 sq 1441738863660 gail17
220x220 sq 1470919999582 gail
220x220 sq 1524253473 72389d67b74da299 1524253463 f583b6d4ed63e890 1524253459 0659f08f0b7dec2a 152425
220x220 sq 1478613616655 gail73
220x220 sq 1478617702862 newgail5
220x220 sq 1441738988785 newgail
220x220 sq 1441738861000 gail16
220x220 sq 1441738867214 gail18
220x220 sq 1527614959 b12f79a342b18065 1524253248 fb262b4cf2c1a540 1478625572589 newgail7
220x220 sq 1474635123251 gail
220x220 sq 1474635131218 gail3
220x220 sq 1478613688585 pic85
220x220 sq 1527614986 c10b24376e8b57d0 1524253161 8fa96a2dca5e8105 1491748262484 kimg0449
220x220 sq 1500899695757 kimg0555
220x220 sq 1527615001 62d9e67e37e21f93 1524253079 eef1a88c64ab940f 1524231047 814049dd60b6400b 152423
220x220 sq 1526306540 0d8501e557d5469a 1524231047 649b5b55225220b8 1524231046 8c4a2f577e066784 152423
220x220 sq 1526306469 33cc87aa6f0cbf04 1526306467 ec0c9ace20f62fc8 1526306457512 1  20180514 095334

Calligraphy Samples 2

35 Photos
220x220 sq 1524254196 d8109d69aaf74d4e 1470920445925 album27
220x220 sq 1524254278 506781a9b6c48036 1471022135313 ink13
220x220 sq 1524254376 8eb0cb33129ffec9 1471007595054 gail11
220x220 sq 1470920487160 album216
220x220 sq 1524254438 99258e1eb81cc69d 1470920415817 album21
220x220 sq 1470920441439 album26
220x220 sq 1471021906121 ink9
220x220 sq 1470920430995 album24
220x220 sq 1524254511 8562d3f82160b708 1471007583787 gail9
220x220 sq 1470920461467 album211
220x220 sq 1471021899684 ink7
220x220 sq 1470920420940 album22
220x220 sq 1471007600638 gail12
220x220 sq 1524254572 e1449e60e2eea392 1471007606667 gail13
220x220 sq 1470920456364 album29
220x220 sq 1470920478098 album214
220x220 sq 1470920482483 album215
220x220 sq 1470920547995 album217
220x220 sq 1524263086 ee4d241a41a1ddde 1471022140520 ink14
220x220 sq 1471007564560 gail3
220x220 sq 1471007575590 gail5
220x220 sq 1471007589918 gail10
220x220 sq 1524263119 d662dfe83599be1e 1471021899712 ink8
220x220 sq 1471022129956 ink11
220x220 sq 1524263168 fd59526ddd892e06 1471022129963 ink12
220x220 sq 1524263198 61923a9e55fad4b2 1485898217403 20170131162334
220x220 sq 1486495722649 img20170207142756
220x220 sq 1496588168915 20170604102449
220x220 sq 1524263244 8422e5f789b67a44 1511112930821 20171119092454
220x220 sq 1524263274 7cb193174478665f 1486494853980 kimg0397
220x220 sq 1524263306 3b2d39237cd385a3 1511112975018 img20171106175721
220x220 sq 1524263325 d2dfd4ee4c6f0535 1511307403283 20171121181311
220x220 sq 1528991600 f00dfbb7a9c32330 1528991599 a67eeedb2284f46f 1528991568032 1  20180614 114921
220x220 sq 1532619563 166b311e10521b8d 1532619555 b1354f9584d2ca31 1532619515 071ed1a6dfe9c704 153261
220x220 sq 1533395117 0bd7ba297d8c3a68 1533395115 34d9017f1d7720f6 1533395084580 1  20180804 080513

Professional Network & Endorsements

Gail is incredible. We are so blessed to have a relationship with her. She is print, professional and a true artist. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for that finishing touch to your invitation or a memorable keepsake. She handwritten a couples vows and we framed it and it was breakthtaking. We are so grateful for all she does!

We are always happy and thrilled with Gail and her work as well as our customers that we refer to her.

Gail is one of the finest calligraphers around. Her work has always rewarded us with rave reviews from our clients and their guests. We have and will continue to do business with Ink n Pen.


Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304   See On Map
954-522-4515 (phone)
Ink'n Pen is a wedding calligraphy from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We service weddings throughout the local area, including Palm Beaches, South Florida , and Nationwide . Ink'n Pen is a professional wedding calligraphy that has been part of the Fort Lauderdale, Florida wedding industry for 32 years. We specialize in custom calligraphy, invitations, place cards, save the date, out of town clients, poems, picture maps, custom lettering.