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Dessert deli is an award winning gourmet bakery established in 1987 located just outside of Buffalo, NY and serving the entire WNY region. Our products range from cookies and cupcakes to novelty cakes, birthday cakes and wedding cakes. We also take pride in our delicious pies, cheesecakes and miniature desserts.


Designing a wedding cake or a novelty cake for any special occasion is an education in itself. Not only will you learn about the need for structure, color co-ordination and different design techniques, but our designers also learn from you. Many times our customers bring us the most creative ideas!

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Regions serviced: Buffalo

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We planned our cake via email and phone conversations. A friend in the area did the cake tasting for me. I sent pictures of cakes I liked from Pinecrest, and sent a couple of kayaks I ordered online. It was awesome! Delicious and nearly exactly how the picture I sent looked . I think that it looked better! I’m really happy I used this vendor and my guests enjoyed the cake. We picked lemon cake with lemon curd in one layer and raspberry in another. Magnificent! Thanks Dessert Deli and Trish for an awesome cake! When we picked up our cake we also bought something for the night before and it was also delicious!!

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Profile Picture Linda, 4/28/18, 1 Review
Category: Wedding Cake
Services Used: Consultations

We decided to go with Dessert deli after doing a cake-tasting there, and they are extremely professional and knowledgeable. We ended up getting a faux cake with cut-out to cut, and served our guests from sheet cakes, which was totally believable, and saved us a lot of money!

Profile Picture Erin, 4/21/18, 6 Reviews
Category: Wedding Cake
Services Used: Delivery

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716 Maple Rd. , Buffalo, NY 14221   See On Map
716-689-2115 (phone)