Whom should I invite? Celebrity suggestions, please
I got the idea of inviting famous people to our wedding, mostly to have a souvenir from their response card, from one of the invitation artists we talked with. We have to pay for 100 invites anyway and only need to send out about 75... It's only going to cost us about a dollar in postage to send them out and will make getting the RSVP's back that much more fun!
We have the Obamas on our list and Rahm Emmanuel, the new mayor of Chicago, where we live.
Does anyone have experience with doing this and know who might be most likely to respond? Any suggestions of someone fun and interesting to try?

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haha that's AWESOME! I would have never thought about that in a million years. What if one of them happened to be in town and free and responded with a yes? You have to tell us who you got RSVPs from :)

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Oprah, I heard she sometimes sends a gift.

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This is such a fun idea! If I have extra I just might invite the Obamas as well! What about actors from your favorite tv show or movie? Or the singer of your first dance song?

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that's such a fun idea! i hope the Obama's rsvp!

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Oprah was a great suggestion! Are there any actors or singers you particularly love?

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That's such an awesome idea! I think I would invite Jon Bon Jovi. And if happened to RSVP yes... I think I would definately have to change my wedding song!

Shannon S.
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I think the President sends a signed card and maybe a photo if you invite him to a wedding.

Invite Prince William and Kate Middleton! Maybe they'll get confused, think they know you, and invite you to the royal wedding.

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I love the suggestions! We're added Bono and Oprah to our list. Keep the suggestions coming!

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hysterical -- you truly never know what will happen. my fiance's sister is an artist based in london, and when she was expecting her first child, she wrote to several artists, musicians, political figures etc... and asked for ideas for baby names. you would be amazed at the responses she got - as well as how many of them were really thoughtful. and, that is how her first child ended up with 11 names. :O)

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LOL ashlee. That is a great story to tell their child one day. Who got the honor of the first name though? ;)

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apparently mickey and minni will send a response.
we are doing the same thing. FH wants to send an invite to his fav hockey player Mike Fisher and his famous wife Carrie Underwood. and i'm inviting my fav actor/writter/director/etc. Kevin Smith, his wife Jen and their daughter Harley.

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I am hoping to invite the Obamas, as well as possibly some of my favorite celebs, not sure which ones yet though. I have also heard you can get really cool responses. ;)

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and this is a COOL idea im so doing this!

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A friend of the family invited the President to her wedding - and got a reply! Lol. If I have some invitations left over I am DEFINITELY sending one!

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If you send an invite to the Obamas, the White House sends some sort of congratulatory card/certificate.

I have heard Oprah sometimes sends gifts- and since she's local to Chicago- go for it.

You never know what Ellen will do- so invite her for sure.

The following people are also from Chicago, even if they don't live there now:
Billy Corgan
Stephen Colbert
Walt Disney
Kathy Griffin
Tina Fey
Micheal Jordan

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What a fun idea!! I'm doing it too!! lol You've started a wedding craze!!

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This sounds great, brought it up to the FH and he loves it, think we are going to do it as well.

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where do you get the addresses? Except for Obama, I know that one :) I would love to send one to Ellen though!

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My DS wants to Invite Jennifer Anniston, Jessica Alba, and Megan Fox....Hes got his heard in the gutter........lol He made the comment How mad would you be if I was making out with one of them on our wedding day...??? lol I just gave him "that" look, and he knew, lol Plus i told him its not like theyd show up to see HIM lol

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Yes, I was wondering too...besides the Obama's where do you find the addresses?? I want to invite Tyra Banks!
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