When to buy your dress?
I'm unsure of when to buy my wedding dress. From the ladies I've known in the past, they'll get their dresses super early (one got hers more than a year before the ceremony) and just have them altered as needed. I tried on dresses and I'm in a size larger than I really want to be--so I want to be sure to give myself time to lose weight before I buy a dress.

So my question follows: when are you supposed to buy your dress? Do you buy it large and just get it altered several times before the wedding? Do you buy it 3 sizes too small to motivate your weight loss? Or do you just wait until you've lost the weight and then buy it a couple months before the wedding?

Thanks for any/all help!

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I would say go look at dresses and make it a fun on going experience. You may not want to get it too big because the alterations can sometimes come out to be the same price or more than the dress. But I would also say not to get it too small because with all the wedding planning stress the original motivation may turn into anger and a feeling of defeat. If you want to lose weight go for it and track your progress. In the meantime look at dresses and once you find the one you want you can always buy it then to fit and possibly alter it a bit later/put it on layaway/ or wait to purchase it till you are at your goal weight.

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buy it when you want! You know yourself well enough to know if you are going to lose weight- gain weight or stay the same.
i bought mine in october- and am getting married in August.
I bought it the size that fit then. I have a horrible track record of losing weight....and i dont gain anymore- ive stayed the same for a while now except when i got sick last summer. I did ask about alterations and how many sizes it could go down if needed. and she said it could go down one dress size. so i figured even if i did lose weight id be ok.
If you are in the process of losing weight and its working- hold off.

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Thank you both!

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I'm getting married in December and I'm going at the end of this month to order. The lady at AA told me I'm "pushing" it, so I better keep my appointment or I will be buying off the rack. You have plenty of time!

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I would say start shopping for your wedding dress a year to 9 months in advance. That doesn't mean you have to buy right away. If you are ordering a custom made wedding dress from a bridal salon give yourself a little more time. It can take a month or two for your dress to come in, if not longer and budget time for alterations. I would also buy the dress for the size you are now. If you lose the weight you want, you can always have the dress altered shortly before the wedding. But don't put the pressure on yourself of buying a dress too small...It's much easier to take a dress in than let it out! Best of luck! ~Mandy

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I was thinking about asking the same Q

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I bought mine today, and they told me it would take 5-6 months on average for the dress to come in. So that still gives me time to take care of any alterations that are needed before the wedding.
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Never, I repeat Never buy a dress that is too small. It is better to have it altered down to fit. If you buy too small it will only cause frustration and stress when you can't fit into it a few weeks before the wedding. And it's not worth starving yourself over months in advance. You can look for a dress anytime. I wouldn't recommend buying one until you have an idea of what your wedding style is going to be though. For example, if you buy a big tulle ball gown and then decide on a country wedding in the mountains, you may regret the dress purchase. If you want to avoid rush fees, I would recommend ordering your dress no less than six months before your wedding. One thing to remember if you're purchasing from a bridal chain like David's or Alfred, dresses ship from the warehouse based on when the wedding is, not when it's ordered. So if another bride orders the same dress two months after you, but her wedding is a week before yours, she'll get the dress first.

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I am getting married in September and I got my dress in February! Its actually a perfect fit, but ive lost a little weight since then so I might need it altered a little. And I agree with Shining Moments, don't get the dress too small and expect to fit into it by the day of the wedding. Thats just was more stress then you need. Get a dress that is a little big on you, that you can get altered before the wedding comes around. That way you wont feel as much pressure and worry about if your going to fit into it or not on your big day!

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I went 11 months in advance which was good because it took 4 months to come in and I'm about to do my first fitting next week, so you definitely want plenty of time. Also, the wedding dress consultant should take your measurements so you'll know exactly what size you need. Now if you plan on losing weight, that's great but buy the dress in the size you are now, not smaller. First off you can't predict how much weight/inches you will loose by the time of the wedding and also it's MUCH easier to take in fabric than to let it out. Good luck and have fun!

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I bought my dress the last weekend in January and it is supposed to arrive this Friday (so just about 6 months after I bought it). That will give me a month to lose weight/gain muscle before I start alterations.

In regards to your question about dress size and losing weight; my suggestion is buy what fits now and have it altered if needed (because of weight loss).

Good luck!

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Hi Tessa......I'm laughing because I'm the one who's had my dress approx 1 yr before. However I think just like you, it fits but if I do drop I can alter it. The choice is really up to you. you can even wait till 3 months before. The only con is you may be a lil stressed and no bride should be stressed. Just go 1 time a month a just browse, you may see something nice but put in some time...That way you can say I've done it.

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Most of the bridal salons I spoke to suggested 9 months before the wedding in order to provide enough time for the dress to arrive and have any alterations done. That being said... they also mentioned that it all depends on the dress designer! They have some dresses that can be received within 2 weeks while others take a full 9 months just to get them in.

Shop when you're ready to shop! My mom is flying in tomorrow to help me go shopping and we are a little over 10 months to the wedding. I've already lost 20 pounds and have another 20 I'd like to lose... but it's so much easier to take the dress in then let it out. :)

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I bought mine 7 months before the wedding. All salons and designers differ but most places told me it takes 4-6 months for them to come in. The more expensive designers may need more time than that.

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I have bought my dress recently from Svetlana Bridal Couture (new emerging designer brand) in Larchmont, NY and they are getting my dress in less than 4 months as they promised. Thats super fast even though my wedding is next summer, it would be nice to have my dress in the closet so that I won't have to be nervous!:-) Its their private brand gorgeous dresses and I am happy i bought my dress at their salon.
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