What's your opinions on the photobooth?
I was thinking of getting a photobooth for our wedding. I have never been to a wedding where there was one but heard they are fun! Then someone else said they are fun but take away fron people dancing. Has anyone been to a wedding with a photobooth and felt it took away from the dancing or made the wedding more fun?

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Andrea Ank.
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I am torn about photo booths. I know that guests can use them to make silly pictures for themselves and for you but IMO I didnt want too many cheesy pictures.
I have heard stories in which there was such a line to use them that other things didnt happen as planned.

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I have never been to a wedding with a photobooth, but FH's work xmas party had a photobooth~thats where my profile pic came from. Im getting one!!

i think they are awesome, the guests I have told about it are stoked.

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we planned on getting one but we had a budget issue and took it out. so we did our own. we went to a school supply place and got a beautiful backdrop and we went to the dollor store and got some props. it was great. and beleive it or now, we did get a lot of serious poses. it all depends on how silly/ goofy your people are.

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We had one and it was fantastic. A lot of people used it during cocktail hour when there wasn't any dancing going on anyway. And later in the evening when we were dancing, people used it when they took a breather to get another drink. We never had much of a line, but we only had 65 guests. Our dance floor was full the whole time - even people who generally don't dance like my mom and stepdad lol (but I was dancing most of the time too, which is what sets the tone). Also, we went to a party this weekend and they had their photobooth pics on their fridge which was so cool to see!!!

Yes, they're silly/cheesy pictures, but our photographer took ~2,000 "serious" pictures, so it's not like I was expecting the photobooth to double as formal pictures. It did also get some guests that the photographer missed!

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I recently went to a wedding that had a photo booth and it was a blast! It was a fun way to offer something else to guests. It was also fun to see some of the older crowd get involved (that were not interested in dancing to rap music haha). Needless to say I am having a photo booth at my wedding and I'm super stoked!

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I've gone to two weddings now with photo booths and I think they are great. We had a hilarious time taking pictures, and had a souvenier to take home. Most companies will give you a book at the end that all guests have signed (next to their photo booth photos). I've seena finished product and they're priceless!

We are thinking of using a photo booth (if it fits in the budget). Any suggestions for companies to use?

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That was the second thing we put a deposit on! We can't wait to see all the crazy pics we will get!!
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Every wedding that I've been to that has had one? The guests love it. (PS: my avatar pix is from a photobooth, lol!)

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Thanks everyone, I was just wondering of they took away from the wedding, but sounds like they add to the fun :) @Kara I'm from Philadelphia I am using a company cally photocube and they include everything, pops, pics of the guests pictures and copies of course for them to take home as well.

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called^ and pop^ lol

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@Kara -- we used Shutterbooth -- they're a "chain." Also included the props and duplicates of the pics and electronic copies of the pics. They also put our logo (which they will help design) at the bottom of the photostrips.

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We are having a Photo booth at our wedding, and we are both so excited. We are going through a company called Shutter booth.

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I've never been to a wedding that has had one either, and I always wanted one! we are doing our own unless we happen to come in under budget in which I would add it to our photography package.. but my father is a photographer and he happens to have all the equipment (photo printer, backdrop, props, etc) and has agreed to supply the paper so we'll likely just do it ourselves.. :)

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It only took one wedding with a photobooth for me to decide that I HAD to have one at my wedding. Not all guests are silly in there... my profile pic came from a photobooth picture. It's definitely entertaining for your guests that may not want to dance, and also doubles as a favor.

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I think it's such a fun idea! And you're not demanding they use the photobooth, so if they take time away from dancing, it's only by their own choosing :)

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HOORAH for Shutterbooth!!!! I'm using them also!

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I think it's a fun additive to have for your guests and a cool memento to keep...
keep the pictures you want and toss the rest...it's just a fun party idea

I actually found mine via google. They had an add in my gmail. I called the guy and negotiated a better price to make me more comfortable.

I don't know what are you are but here's the link

They have a lot of packages...
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I haven't gone to a wedding with a photo booth but when we got to see them at the bridal show, I was sold!! I got a great deal 550$ and its not a crappy booth at all and she even decorates it to match your colors or theme. So this will also serve as my favors, and guest/photo book. Plus what makes mine even more special the guest can upload their picture on twitter, facebook, and email.

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we had one at our wedding and that was everyones fav. part of the reception and they doubled as favors!!!

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I'm still torn about DIY-ing a photo booth. I'd like to have one, but it's not in the budget and I don't know if our venue has room for one anyway... I think it would be a lot of fun!
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