What's on your Do-Not-Playlist???
I'm starting to put together my playlist for my wedding. What are your top 10 DO NOT PLAY songs?? I want to make sure I have all of the annoying songs nixed. Any one have some suggestions??

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Hokey Pokey
Baby Got Back (I like it, but not at the wedding)
All rap songs unless requested by the bride or groom (and let's face it, we won't be)
All Spice Girl songs

Mrs Knight
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We decided that the reception is about all of us having fun together so we didn't put anything on the do not playlist just a by request only because if it gets our guests up and dancing and they are having fun that will be fun to us.

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I really really really don't like Lil' Wayne. So he's 'mos def' on the do not play list! LOL!

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Brick House, YMCA, More than words, Love Shack (ugh especially Love Shack)

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I put down anything Village People or any so-called "group dance" songs like Macarena.

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LOL luckily it's my friend that's DJing our wedding and I'm making a HUGE list for him to play..but the only thing that I DONT want..sorry but Celine Dion ;) I can't stand listening to her at weddings..cause they ALWAYS play it everywhere ;)

Married: 07/31/2010
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I said I absolutely do not want the YMCA and the ChaCha Slide the FH doesn't want the Macarena...I agree with dancefrog, NO Celine Dion.

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I said none of the typical group dances (i.e., electric side, chicken dance, macarena, etc.) and then I added YMCA and I'm Too Sexy. We nixed rap and country music unless by request from a guest (I like country but FH really dislikes it).

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All line dance songs. I so hate them.

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Mambo #5!! ICK
Come on Eileen
Mony Mony

Married: 10/31/2009
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cotton-eyed joe, greased lightening and anything by 'meatloaf". i will throw up and leave.

Future Mrs.
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I am not quite a fan of polka, so we said no Roll out the Barrel, no Hokey Pokey, no Electric Slide, no Chicken Dance.

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Cotton-eyed Joe ACK! Horrible! Same with Celine Dion and the Macarena. No achy breaky heart either. I heard that at a wedding once. I think some of the others are fun/funny and people would get a kick out of them.

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Ours has no YMCA right now. Also even tho FH big fan no songs from RENT, tho we are having the chicken dance for the kids and kids at heart. I think butterfly kisses might be out also unless I use it as a child/parent dance. Love teh song but makes me cry everytime. I not sure what our decision on what kinda music Ipod, Dj or band is yet. Due to budjet Fh leaning toward Ipod.

Erin, thats a great link. I have not seen that site yet.

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Thanks for all of your suggestions!! I'm definitely putting A LOT of those on my list! I would hate for the "tootsie roll" song to come on- I could just see the expression on my grandparents' faces! LOL.

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No country and rock hard core music.

Married: 06/12/2010
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i cant stand Rihanna! I know a lot of people like her..but she annoys me...so no rihanna over here!... i especially hate that umbrella song...she sounds like a broken record..how can anyone like that!

no country or rap...unless requested by a guest or me and FH.

Married: 09/11/2009
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Pesonally I'm a fan of R&b, Oldies, HipHop,Jazz, and even soft rock
The only things only my do-not-play list is Hard Rock, and yes, Baby Got back. And since I do have rap music on my playlist I did my best to keep the songs with a lot of four letter words to a minimum, so that the older people don't freak out...LOL..

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So glad I'm not the only one. My sister thinks I'm being too uptight because I can't stand the chicken dance, macarena, congo lines, ymca - as Kari said no "group" dances. Who really wants to dance like a chicken as an adult....
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