What questions to ask a Florist?
Ok I am calling around to a few florist tomorrow and was wondering what should I ask them?My wedding is still a year away but I am just wanting to get quotes for the flowers I want.

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I saw work they did in the past, discussed colors and my vision and asked for their input. I also tried to guage how easy there were to work with and if they were dependable.
We chose our vendor because I was able to sit down with him, tell him our colors, the general feel I wanted, and my budget. He was able to run with it in a way that made me say "wow, why didn't I think of that, that would be amazing!". He also took it very well when 2 weeks later I emailed him and asked to add something, he just rolled with it.
Flowers are one of the things that is difficult to communicate and you won't know if they didn't get your vision until it is too late, which is why I went with someone whose talent I trust.

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Also it helps to be open to other flowers you wouldnt have thought off. Like I never thought of having cherry blossoms in our centerpieces. But when she described it. It was just a great idea.

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I am doing the same as you! I just sent out emails and got a few responses already.

I am asking which flowers are seasonal, which hold up the best, and what types of packages they have.
Ask how many delivery stops they will make and what the charges are for it & what time they will be delivered.
Do you have your list of how many of each type you need? Also if you need ceremony or reception flowers?
Also see if you can see everything made up before they deliver it. I know some florists allow this.
I am asking to make an appointment with them to look at their portfolios and to actually see some samples & get accurate price lists for what I actually want. I stopped in one on Saturday just to see a bunch of bouquets they made for a bridal expo they were going to next day.

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Thank you Everyone.@Kimpy we have the same date
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Just a few suggestions:
1. Florist should always get back to you within 24 hours.

2. Ask to come in on a day they are doing a wedding and see the work.

3. Ask about experience.

4. Ask about making changes.

If you feel like you're being rushed let that be a red flag.

Have fun.

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Thank you I called like six place to get prices of carnations the going rate is like $2 a stem

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This helped me when I talked to my florist.

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When we went to select our first florist we asked several questions like.......How long they are in this business.....What style they are specialist in.....How do they charge...What is the price of each items like bridal bouquet, bridesmaids bouquet, centerpieces and all.....when they deliver the flowers....how much amount they want as deposit and what seasonal flowers they have........We even saw pictures of their previous work and the best one that fits within our budget we finalize that.....
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