What I've learned in my first 6 months of marriage. :)
I'm no expert by any means, but I will admit that I have learned a ton in 6 months of marriage. My DH and I have been together a total of 6 years, but marriage is different, at least it is for us.

1) The first married fight is different!! Its completely different!! You feel...stuck. Its not like you are going to have a big fight and threaten to break up, you realize you are married. Its hard to adequately describe but I found it just so... different!

2)COMMUNICATE!! I admit I was terrible at communicating my feelings. I have always been the worst at it. I didn't say what was bothering me, and then I let it fester until I blow up over something small, and then poor DH was confused by my reaction. Now, when he hurts my feelings (its always unintentionally) I walk away and think about it. And then come back the next day and tell him about my feelings calmly.

3) Something else I didn't really realize until marriage was that DH HAS FEELINGS TOO! It sounds terrible, but my DH...cont..

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cont... My DH isn't one to express his feelings either. But when I ask him how he feels about something, he answers me honestly. And sometimes that honesty may sting a little, but I have to remind myself to be HAPPY that he's being honest and open with me and respect his feelings too.

4) As a woman, I have a tendency to talk too much daily to DH, who just kind of nods and tunes me out a lot. But sometimes when the conversation turns serious, I'm still tuned out. So I have found that when I want him to pay attention to something, I have to tell him to listen, and then he does. That way I don't get my feelings hurt by him not listening to the important things I say, which I admit, sometimes I talk just to talk. :)

5) Make time for each other. We work opposite days on the night shift. We don't spend one night together any week. But we spend mornings together, even occasionally have a breakfast date. So make time for each other, even if its not conventional "date" time...cont

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... and it will help to keep you feeling connected. :)
6) Schedule sex. I know it sounds unromantic, and I agree, but we have a 9 year old, and I'm about to have another baby this weekend, so as you start having kids and busy lives, sometimes you have to schedule time to be intimate. At first, my DH was against the idea. Now, he looks forward to our schedule, LOL. As your lives get busier, especially with kids, making each other and your relationship a priority, including intimacy, is important, or at least I think so anyway. :)

7) I make sure to tell my DH I love him everyday and to compliment him. No matter how big or small, I make sure to tell him I love him and how much I appreciate him, and I find that he reciprocates the gesture now. Its nice to hear nice things from the people we love. :)

Okay, that's all I have. I LOVE being married, it is something you have to work at, but I have never been happier with my DH.

Anybody else have anything to add? =D
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Congrats on being married!!! And congrats on your new baby!!! I am hoping to get preggers as soon as I get married w/ our baby #2!!! : ) YAY congrats!!!

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Great advice. Congrats on the new baby :)

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congratulation to baby # 2. and thanks for the advice, we need reminders sometimes and i actually learned something from you, i tend to get caught up with my feelings and what i am asking of FH that i sometimes forget to take a step back and ask FH opinion or what he thinks.

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Great adivce. I understand what your talking about when you say the fights are different. You do kind of feel stuck. It's not like you can up and leave that person. You are married now and you have to face the problem head on.

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Great advice! I can completely relate to holding things in and letting it fester, I do this all the time and FH always seems so confused because he can tell something is up but I don't talk about it. I'm really trying to work on this because I know communication is going to be key in making sure our marriage lasts forever.

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Totally agree with all this!!! Life is different now but so fantastic, and we have to appreciate EVERY day we have : )

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Totally agree! I know exactly what you're saying about the first fight, and it's so true.

BTW, we have a schedule too :-)

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awww GREAT post!! I will take heed to everything you have said-- Thanks

Mrs L
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Great advice, I especially agree with the fighting part!

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Funny you posted this...I was just thinking about these things. Things are so hectic right now and i feel as though we are losing touch with eachother. I had no idea that wedding planning would do this to you. To the both of you. So im grateful you posted this helpful advice! Congrats on baby #2!!

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Thanks for all of the great advice!! And Congrats on baby #2!!

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I'm so glad you posted this. It really helps me a lot. We're working on our communication now, so it will be much better when we're married. I also tend to hold my feelings in then blow up, but for the past two nights, we've had indepth conversations, and it felt good.
Congrats on baby #2!

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This might be one of the best "married advise" posts I've seen on here. Thanks for the insights into the differences of pre and post married life.

Sounds like you two are doing great and big things are in store for the family. Congratulations and many blessings!

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Great post.

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Excellent post Jennifer A. Thank you and congratulations on the new baby!

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Things to remember! Thanks.

And congrats on baby #2

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Thank you for posting this, it is an eye opener for me. Congrats on 6 month married and the new baby.

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Thank you, for the great advice and an insight to being married and how things change. I have been told on lots of occasions that being married can change the relationship between you and the other half but no one has really gone in to deeper details than just saying things change between the both of you. It has helped me in reading your post, it has helped me alot but now i am some what a bit scared too, do that make sense or am i just being stupid?

Congrats on your new baby.
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