What do you do with your engagement ring during the ceremony?
This may seem like dumb question. But I really don't know what you are "suppose" to do with your engagement ring during the ceremony. Help!

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Some ppl leave it on and then switch it around after the cermony or you could wear it on your right hand until after the cermony.

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I am putting mine on my right hand and then once we are married, I'll move it over to my left hand. :) I had a friend get married and she left her e-ring on her left hand and then her husband put the band on last. As far as I know, the band is supposed to be on your finger first (closest to your heart) I've read. I am just going to wait till after we walk out and then switch them to their right places. :D

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I'm planning to wear mine on my right hand, both during the ceremony and on into married life.

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I'm leaving mine on and doing a switcharoo after...

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I'm not sure yet. I will probably have him put both on together because my wedding band is a double band that goes around the e-ring.

2d Bride
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Some options:

* Leave the engagement ring off for that day.
* Have a trusted person hold the engagement ring during the ceremony, and put it back on immediately afterwards.
* Wear your engagement ring on your right hand during the ceremony, and move it to your left afterward.
* Leave the engagement ring where it is, put the wedding ring on over it, then switch them around afterward.
* Have both rings put on together during the ring ceremony.
* Have the groom put the wedding ring on first, then the engagement ring, perhaps with some language about the engagement ring being the promise and the wedding ring being the fulfillment of that promise.

Mrs L
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I am having my rings made into one before our wedding, so he will be placing the set on my bare finger when we say "I do".

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Future Mrs L: I love that idea. LOL

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I was really wondering about this also...great post ladies :)

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really didn't put this into thought.. Thanks for sharing ladies..

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My DH put both rings on together. He actually wanted to do it that way because he said both rings represent commitment in different stages of our relationship.

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2d's list is pretty comprehensive when it comes to your options. I chose to wear mine through the ceremony and just switched them afterward.

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I had my rings soldered together a few days before the wedding. I just kept the set in a ring box until the big day

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My fh is taking the e ring off when he gives me the wedding band...

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So I put mine on my right hand ring finger, but I didn't mention it to my groom. During the ceremony, when it came time to put the wedding band on me, he saw the engagement ring on the other hand and got confused and hesitated. It was funny, but probably still something I would have avoided if possible.

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2b bride covered the bases. My MOH will hold mine and then after the ceremony I will get it from her.

Married: 05/18/2013
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At my cousin's wedding recently they did an engagement ring wording as part of the ring exchange... after the vows the officiant said something like this:

"The engagement ring is a symbol of promise and intention. Now the intention is realized and the promise fulfilled. Please place the engagement ring on ____’s finger over her wedding band to symbolize that the love that brought you together will always protect and sustain your marriage."

I really like this idea and am thinking about using it also. The BM held onto both rings...

Married: 04/01/2012
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I was just going to switch mine but I kinda like the thought of him putting the e-ring on after the wedding band.

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This wasn't a silly question because I was wondering the same thing! Go figure!

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I went to a wedding a few months ago where the bride had me deliver her engagement ring to the Groom/Best Man right before the ceremony. The best man handed both rings to the groom and he put them on accordingly.
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