Vent! yet another nightmare from this photographer!
We had engagement pictures taken with our wedding photographer. The session was included but we had to pay for the prints. He had told me that all the digital files were 300 dollars or i could just order prints of a few images off of the image hosting site they use. He even gave me a 50 dollar credit because it took 2 months to get the pictures back. So i spent 100 bucks after the 50 dollar credit and got prints of just a few of our favorites since thats all we could afford. NOW... I get an email from him saying i can buy the digital images for 99 dollars. Well gee thanks for nothing. Its one nightmare after another with this guy. Im NOT happy.

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WOW. Bait and switch. That's a fantastic business plan. -.-' I'm so sorry!

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Wow... was there any kind of contract that showed what you were supossed to get and for how much?

Mrs Roberts
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Wow I would be pissed too.. I hope your not using him for your wedding photos.. I'm so sorry that happened

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Always get something in writing. Even if they for whatever reason won't do another contract, email a confirmation in a way that will get a response from them like asking for clarification so you can order etc. That way, if they don't deliver, you at least have something from them in writing confirming what they said to you originally.
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That's not a good foundation to build trust from any vendor. I am sorry you have to go through that. Are the pictures at least the quality you were expecting?

Jay Farrell Photography

Jay Farrell Photography
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Jesus, that's pretty shady. Contracts are to protect your interest as well as cover the vendor.

Ricky T Photography
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2 months to get engagement photos back? I hope this is not the same person who will do your wedding photography. Real photographers will build a relationship with you and work towards a lifetime commitment rather than a one day event.

Doing right by you means access to your inner circle for years to come. This is why I am so hard on people who work the wedding business. This is not the business to be in if it is all about you.

Ricky T Photography
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Hey guys. Yep he's our wedding photographer. I emailed him about it and he gave me some bs reply like its a a special their running to empty out space and stores don't let you go back and get a new sale price later and crap like that. I just threw up my hands.
The pictures were eh. Some of them were good. It seemed like he was showing us multiple editing options for the pictures. Like color kicked way up and stuff. We're stuck at this point so i just figured I'd sit down with him and say we like this style and we don't like that. So he knows what to do and what not to do for our wedding.
We're on a budget so I found this guy on a special for 1000 dollars. 8 hours coverage - I liked the pictures we saw - he was friendly and nice - it seemed GREAT - UNTIL we booked it. 200 down and i looked at our contract and theirs a 500 dollar cancellation fee. I guess I overlooked that or i just couldn't imagine wanting to cancel so i didn't think about it. i'm stuck.

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We don't even have a videographer cus that wasn't in the budget. I looked at the budget and I can probably pull another 800 out but you can't even get a decent videographer at that price and to cancel this photographer and go with another cheap one wouldn't get me anywhere. Now I know why people spend so much. you can't do anything good on a budget CLEARLY. i just dont know what to do. i feel like i'm gonna end up with crappy pictures that take 3 months to get back and no video. idk what to do. 3 1/2 months away everyones already booked.
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Katie, once again I am sorry you are going through this experience. I always tell my brides, when you hire a professional photographer you don't hire them for the pictures (although that's very important!). You hire the experience and professionalism of that photographer. We always want a good bargain but it's horrible when, sometimes, it ends up costing more in the long run. I am not the most expensive photographer in my area, but I have some horror stories of brides who turned me down to go with a "better deal" who wrote me back afterwards telling me how much they regretted it (about 6 years ago a photographer showed up with a box of disposable cameras...kid you not!!!!). I pray this photographer comes through for you and captures your day in a way that you will forget this headache.

Jamie Q.
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Wow, that is so unprofessional. At the very least send the sale offer to those who havent already pissed away a ton of money on them! If you liked enough of the pictures to go through with them, stay with him. But is there anything in the contract about timeframe in getting the photos back to you- mine does and it was important to us. I had a friend who it took her photographer 6 months to get her photos back- I will not tolerate that. If there is, is it enough to break the contract since it took 2 months for e-pics? And if there isnt and you choose to stay with him, I would ask him to add it to the contract.

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Oh my gosh what a crook! He sounds super shady. Read read read that contract and see if there's a clause in there that you can use to break your relationship with this guy and find someone new for your wedding.

I hope it all works out for you, that really sucks

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All it says is he will adhere to it and the only thing in there is that we get an engagement shoot - everything else is wedding related. I was also under the impression that a "deposit" is just that - a deposit so if you cancel you just lose your deposit. i didn't realize its just to hold the date and if you cancel theres an additional fee. I could do it if i just lost the deposit - but not to have to pay an additional 500. He was the first vendor we booked. I guess i was just stupid. But i never would have guessed he would be this bad! From what we saw before booking it was great. But i guess that was just a game to get me to pay him.

i just want good pictures for my wedding. thats all i want from him at this point. i just wish i could trust him to give me that much.

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Is there anything in the contract about his responsibilities as a photographer? Like communication or something. Maybe you could cancel the contract based on his actions voiding the contract.... $200 is nothing to lose if you can ditch this guy.
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Katie, I have a cancellation clause on my contract but the only non-refundable item on the contract is the deposit. I have some other stipulations in there in regards to late fees, and what the couple would be liable for in case of cancellation. They are there to protect me (as well as my clients).

However, I am not the type of person who would pursue a client for additional fees. I (and every professional wedding photographer I know) thrive on giving each bride a great experience. The worse thing is to have the bride stressing the day of the wedding about the pictures. I always tell the brides they hire professionals to handle things so they won't have to worry about it. I can't explain why it took your photographer 2 months to get back to you on your engagement pictures but I am guessing he is really busy. What I would recommend is for you to arrange a meeting (in person not over the phone) with the photographer and express (graciously) your concerns to him. (continued below)
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I wouldn't critique his work but I would definitely point out if there were certain things about the pictures you really didn't care for. That is one of the great things about engagement pictures is that you get an opportunity to see what the photographer's work would be like.

I am not sure about what work you were shown at the bridal show but I would also suggest asking the photographer to show 2-3 of his full weddings. Engagements are hard sometimes because it's portraiture some photographers have not perfected and they end up turning more like snapshots. Because you are past that point focus on getting great wedding pictures from him.
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