Unique Wedding Centerpiece Idea - what do you think?
I've been coming across these really cool things called water pearls (I know there was a discussion on WW I found). My colors are eggplant, cream, and a heather grey... I was thinking about throwing in some peacock feathers for a bit of a pop. Well, I did some youtube searching on this whole water pearl thing and I found this really neat idea on there: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kmdm-sAPDV4&feature=related

I'm thinking of maybe putting peacock feathers or purple and grey marbles in with the water pearls. I like the effect of putting marbles in with the water pearls then filling the vase up with water, so it looks like the marbles are actually floating in the water. I was also thinking about submerging an LED light at the bottom too. Not too sure yet - I can't decide between the peacock feathers and the marbles... Any recommendations on the whole water pearl idea. I attached a picture of purple dyed peacock feathers that I really like and may incorporate into my scheme.

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Aria Images Photography
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Aria Images Photography

Aria Images Photography
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Wow, I have never seen that before. Its very cool! Its like it suspends items in the vase. Its very elegant. I think the peacock feathers would look really cool.

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My girlfriend who just got married this past September, (I was her MOH) used these for her center pieces. She had two colors and we had fun helping her get them ready.

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I'm using the water pearls-- you mean the marble looking beads that expand in water, right? You can find them listed as "deco beads". The best prices I've seen have been on www.codwholesale.com and amazon. I am using them to hide the submersible floralytes. I'm using clear deco beads though with a pink light in a fishbowl. I plan on buying large cameo pink dahlias to float within. I love the thought of the light glow on each table when the sun goes down. I can't wait to see them!

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Wow those are cool. I love being to get all these cool ideas on here. I love the purple peacock feathers as well. Would you be submerging those? I would love to see what the lights did to these. I bet it really enhanced them.

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I touched some of those at a venue option and wasn't sure what they were. It is really cool to see what they can do.

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I'm trying to decide if I should submerge the peacock feathers or just stick with the marbles or some type of flower. I'm not sure how the peacock feathers would look submerged, though. I may just buy them in bulk and make peacock butterflies and have those placed on each place setting...still thinking about it :)

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OMG! Love this idea because we are using "candlescapes" instead of flowers on the table! This will be fantastic. Thank you sooo much for sharing this.

I also think the peacock feathers "floating" in the middle illuminated by a light at the bottom would be so elegant and dramatic! Love this idea.
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I work with Aqua Beads/Deco Beads quite often...they're very versatile and so much fun! Here are a couple of designs that I have done using fresh flowers suspended the way you suspended the marbles. Both also use submersible LED lights, which create a really beautiful lighting transition as the sun sets.

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And careful if you use any dyed materials (such as peacock feathers) submerged, as the dye will bleed into the water. Feathers tend to lose their lovely shape among the Aqua Beads, unfortunately, so be sure to experiment first.
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