Unique Outdoor Garden Wedding Venues in Pittsburgh???
Hi Ladies

I’m planning from out of town (Detroit MI) and am looking for some personal suggestions on beautiful (and hopefully reasonable) outdoor locations. Just going through the vendor list and trying to pick the best ones is kind of difficult. I’d really like some personal input.

Hit me with your best ideas!!


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These are some places that look amazing so far:

Phipps Conservatory
Lingrow Farm
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

Anyone have any experieces with these places?

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I went to college in Pittsburgh...

Phipps Conservatory is beautiful and is right by Schenley Park.. it is also right by the University of Pittsburgh campus. All of this means great photo opportunities! There are many old buildings around and even a merry go round there to get some cute pics. :) Also, since your wedding is in June there will be a drastically lower amount of students in the area because of the summer.

I actually lived right across the street from the Center for the Arts (literally - my bedroom window looked right at the mansion across the street) and it's beautiful and has nice grounds, but it is located in a neighborhood. Not sure if that matters, but you will be limited to just pictures in/around the mansion on the grounds unless you want some apartment buildings in the background. lol

I have no input on Lingrow Farm.

Good luck!

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Check this place out in Verona. My MOH went to look at it a while ago and I really wanted to consider it but it was outside of our budget. It looks amazing though.


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There's also Armstrong Farms which is North of Pgh. You rent the place for the entire weekend and it has cabins and such. I know the location is great but I haven't heard wonderful things regarding the service...sooooo...

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Armstrong Farms is beautiful! I am getting married at Five Pines Barn in North Huntingdon, which is beautiful too and budget friendly. The owner also is VERY helpful and willing to help you with anything! I looked into Springwood and Morning Glory Inn, but they were out of my budget, however, very beautiful! Best wishes and let me know if you need anything, I live/work in Pittsburgh!

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Thanks so much for all the input and suggestions ladies!

I'm sure I'll need all the help I can get!! It's harder to plan when you're not actually in that location. My FH's family is from that area and I know they'll be a lot of help though.

I've been to Phipps before and I loved it! I'm just wondering how their pricing will be...my FMIL is going there this weekend to get some information so we can review.

I'll definitely look up Armstrong Farms and Five Pines Barn, they sound awesome!

I've heard of Springwood, mostly that it's very beautiful but on the pricey side. I think we'll go take a look at it though, I'm willing to pay a little bit more for an extraordinary venue. (We'll see how I feel about that statement when I've seen the numbers in black and white *grin*)
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