Too Hot!?
The FH and I are still looking for the perfect wedding venue that both of us would love. we're really looking for out of the norm wedding venues. we both have our hearts set on two different places. im in love with a new garden venue in our area and he wants a local hotel. both are in our price range but we dont know which one to chose.
even though the garden venue will be my dream come true, but having an outdoor wedding in June, in NC maybe not be the wisest choice. 90 degree weather humidy = #epicfail ..
the hotel is convenient for the out of towners (over 1/2 our guest list) but it just seems too formal to me..
open to all suggestions. has any one had experience with either one?

Married: 06/01/2013
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Andrea Ank.
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Is there any way that you can do both? Have the ceremony outside and the reception inside?
If you cant, I would think about how the weather can be very tricky. And that you will probably not want to stand outside in your beautiful dress while sweating in the heat.
Or perhaps have the wedding outside later in the evening?

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What's plan B for the outdoor venue in case it rains?

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yes we can have both at my choice of venue, that's why im still hoping to find some way to work it out so our guest nor bridal party wont get overwhelmed by the heat. and we even considered having it after 5 when the sun is setting but it's still very warm and humid. its only May and lately its been 91 degrees at 5pm :(

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the outdoor venue has 3 choices, an all garden wedding, a tent, or if the weather is terrible indoors where the reception is held

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If you like the indoor space in the garden venue, you can always have it inside if the heat is too much. But your concern is in place. I'm further north from you. Last June we were at an outdoor wedding and it was 110, one of the hottest days of the year. It was awful.

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I feel for you guys. Humidity sucks. I don't have it all the time being in a desert but even here, our hot days suck. See if the hotel has a garden area you could hold the ceremony at.

Our hopeful location will be by a natural lake in spring. So hopefully it won't be too cold or too warm.

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@ Mrs. S- that's what im afraid of my guest being miserable.
@ Ris - I'll check to see if they have an outdoor option or not unless I find a faboulous indoor location, and hopefully the weather will be just rite for your big day :)

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I live in Florida and will be having my ceremony outdoors. I went for a 5pm wedding since it will be cooling down.

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thanks ladies!
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