Show me your Wedding Cake :D
We are going for our design consult/tasting for our wedding cake on Monday and I have no idea what I am thinking. Show me your wedding cake for a little inspiration please :)

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This is my cake!

Married: 06/16/2012
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here is my grooms' cake
Our wedding cake

Andrea Ank.
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ours will be blue fondant with white flowers

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@Michella-I am starving right now and would love to dig into the Groom's Cake lol...and as for your's - I have that exact one as one of my Fav's! Love it!

Wedding: 10/14/2019
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@Michella, that is one of the best groom's cakes I've ever seen!

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This is our inspiration pic. The daisies will be pink and orange and the ribbon will be pink. The piping around the ribbon will be much smaller than that. We are also using real flowers on the cake.

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This was ours, very simple [:

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@elizabeth love that - especially the color

i can't find the good picture but here was ours

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Here was ours. I loved it!! It was actually placed next to a Christmas tree that's not seen in this pic - our pro photographer took MUCH better pictures of it. :)

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We are having this arrangement, but with lego cupcakes in Green, black and white. second picture is a sample of our cupcakes, wrong color.

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Here is our cake-- we will have red roses places on the cake as well

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Here's mine

Wedding: 10/14/2019
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@RWC, I love how the green pops against the navy blue!

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Here's mine...except it won't have all the greenery on it. I am going on April 14th for the tasting because a friend is making it for me and she uses two different types of fondant, marshmallow and buttercream, and I am not a fan of fondant(tried it once and it was way to sweet for my taste). It will be a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting underneath the fondant. I will also be having french vanilla cupcakes!

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I see a bunch of us are doing square and round tiers. Mine will have no flowers, and is all buttercream. Our bottom layer will have a little scroll work, the 2nd tier will have dots, the 2nd from the top will have no design, and the top will have flowerettes. our icing is going to be ivory and the designs will be in white.

Married: 12/07/2013
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OH I love this post :) Mines a Chocolate Stuffed Cheesecake it's a six inch we're only having 40 people and they'll be having desert from the caterer and Mini Cupcakes.

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Here is my cake!!!!! Instead of black it will be red!

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I am in love with my cake! The pic is only the 2 layer version, ours will be three! The bottom will have the same design as the top! each layer is a different flavor :)

The whole outside design is made out of this special chocolate. This place we got it from dips all their cakes in chocolate or creates designs out of chocolate! Its amazing!!

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Here is the cake that I want

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taryn love your cake :)

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