Ring bearer attire
I need your opinions. (Yes, opinions, I can take hearing something I don't want to hear lol)

My groomsmen are wearing black tuxes with tan vests/tie. FS is really anal about being traditional so he wants plain black tuxes, no tan or brown suits, nothing like that. He wants black. I figure he hasn't had much choice about a lot of things, he should at least be able to decide what he wears, so I'm okay with that.

Oh, by the way, our colors are pink and tan- all different shades of pink. BM dresses are dark pink, but most flowers and other accents are light pink with little bits of dark pink.

So.. My RB is really little. Not even 1 1/2. I didn't really want him in a tux, mainly because they're expensive and I can't afford it, and don't expect the parents to since they're already traveling from CO to be here. So I was going to get him khaki pants, a white button down, and a pink tie. Then I thought about shoes, and was about to ask the mom if he already had brown dress shoes, (cont)

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and then I realized it might be funny that he's in this casual brown outfit, and the GM will be in tuxes that are black, with black shoes. I feel like it'll look funny in pictures. I have 3 ushers as well (separate job, they aren't GM) who are wearing khaki pants and a white button down, and I'm supplying their ties.

I don't want the RB in a tux. The FG dress isn't that dressy, just a cute little white dress, and I just don't really want him in a tux. They never look good on kids that size because they're hard to fit!

But do you think the other option is way to casual? Or do you have any other ideas on what the RB could wear that is cheap- I have to buy it- and not something I have to buy online because I don't have that much time and I'm tired of stressing whether things will be here in time, without paying a lot in shipping. I'd rather just go to a store and buy it.

OR can any of you (Hayley lol) find any pictures of a wedding party where the GM are in tuxes and the RB isn't?

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He could wear khakis with a white shirt and a pink sweater vest (could find it cheap on sale since it is after Easter) or even khakis with a pink button down shirt would be cute.

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What about if I did.. black pants, white button down, tan tie? That way he's very similar to the GM but still casual. This just hit me lol

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How about little dress pants, dress shirt, vest and tie?? I have seen those little outfits in the stores, I am sure you can find something to match your colors.

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Ultimately it's whatever you want, but my opinion is that the RB should be wearing the same thing the GM are wearing. That being said, if he matches the ushers I think that would go over pretty well, just make sure you get at least one picture with the GM, RB and ushers.
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Do you have a Burlington, they are very affordable, and they have tons of dress shirts, vests, and etc for that age.

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Maybe black pants, black vest, pink tie and buy a white shirt? shirt $10 at sears.

18 months


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Black or khaki pants and white shirt. Doesn't need a tie.

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With Easter just being over, you may still find some outfits in the stores. Even the cheaper stores like Walmart, Target, etc have little 3 piece outfits for toddlers. Little boys outfits often come w/pants, shirt and tie. Some even are pants, shirt, and jacket. You might be able to score an outfit for under $20! Give a few a call so you don't have to run all over creation, lol.

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You took the words right out of my mouth! I'd do black pants, with a white shirt and the pink or tan tie. I think the khaki pants would make him look a) too casual and b) not as important as the grooms men.

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Can you make him match the ushers?

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Okay, I know you said no tux, but how stinken cute is this?!?!? It may fit better since it's not a formal wear suit? Just a thought.


Here's another option. Of course you'd have to swap out the tie and shirt.


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okay, check these out too. On all the sets with vest the vests are pinstripe, but the pants are solid black. The prices are really good too.

http://www.sears.com/shc/s/s_10153_12605_Baby_Baby & Toddler Clothing_Dresswear?filter=Gender|Boys^Dresswear Style|Dressy&viewItems=50

Hayley C™
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Dockers Infant Boy's Dress Shirt, Tie, Pinstripe Vest And Pant

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