Opinion for wedding colors (May wedding)
Hello ALL A congradulations as I am newly engaged myself.

I have jumped on this whole planning thing ASAP although we set our date for May 22, 2010. I was thinking of colors and came up with a few ideas but wanted some insight or suggestions.

1. Baby yellow (almost light canary), rusty brown, and vanilla
2. Godiva gold, beige (more so light brown), and vanilla
3. Red, baby pink, and black
4. Brown, pastel green, and off white

???? suggestions please... My fiance wants red incorporated or brown as he claims he looks very good in those colors, hahaha! BUT I am so confused as to what is "spring colors" or what.

Thank you in advance for the assistance.


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I think my personal fav would probably be #4 brown, pastel green, and off-white sounds really pretty together. As for the "spring colors" you don't have to do a set color scheme for the season in my opinion, just pick colors that you want and like.

And just to let you know my wedding isn't until April 2010 and as soon as my fh proposed in November I jumped on the planning and have already done so much. Good for you for starting early...less stress later on when your wedding day gets closer!! Good Luck!!

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I am having a May wedding as well, and I chose to have Daisies at my wedding. I ended up using white, pastel yellow, and pastel green for my colors. It is perfect since we are having an outdoor wedding and it goes with all of the greenery outside. If you have to have brown...brown, teal, and gold go great together.

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I really like #4 but that could be because my fav color is green. Our wedding is in June and we have picked Peridot (a sage green color, kinda) and Ivory. You have plenty of time so play around with the colors a little before you make a final decision. We were set on clover until we saw it in person and realized it was too much green for what we wanted. Good Luck!!!!!

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Since you have some colors in mind, try this site. http://www.brides.com/planning/receptions/colorstudio/ it combines different combinations of colors for you.


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I Like #4 also (see the first pic in my portfolio - it uses thos colors supergreen and sahara roses, dutch lilacs, creamy ranunculas.)
"Spring colors" typically you'd think easter-y colors, but you don't have to use those colors just because you're having a spring wedding. Reds, white & blues work (its close to Memorial day.) Primary colors - red-blue-yellow - also work. The gold & beige-y brown works with creamy colors, but maybe for an evening wedding with lots of candlelight & rich fabrics.

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Thank you ALL for such great responces and advise. This is perfect I love that I have people to talk w/ that just give me honest insight. I asked many of my close friends & relatives and they are all like "i don't know it is your day". But that doesn't HELP, you know :( I already know I will be making the ultimate decision but to have some insight is always greatly appreciated. Good luck in life to you all...

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Congrats! I love the Chocolate Brown, Apple or Pastel Green and Ivory (or vanilla, off white, etc). Very classy, very in style and very chic. Also, those colors are not overly feminime, so you will please both yourself and your husband! Those colors are a very easy spectrum to use when chosing florals, as most fresh florals are loaded with green! :)

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Hi, don't worry I have the same wedding date as you, and I'm already lying awake at night thinking about centerpieces... LOL!
I think the light green and off white make the brown "springy" enough - this is my favorite of your combos, but then green is my favorite color so I may be biased! :) doing green and purple myself, but going for lighter shades to reflect the "spring" thing too.

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pick your location for the wedding and then think about colors that match the venue

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that's weird.. im getting married this may 22nd myself.. i used all shades of yellow and gold accents


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I'd say no matter what your other colors are, don't add an off-white unless your dress is off-white. If you've got a white dress, don't add off-white. Mixing whites with off-whites will result in the off-white thing looking dirty in photographs.

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I like your color choices. I like # 4 and then # 1. They are earth tones and will go great with your May wedding.

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Congrats! All of your choices are pretty. My birthday is in May, and the birth stone is emerald. I saw a wedding done in whites, orchid greens and brown and it was GORGEOUS. May is such a great time to get married, just have a blast!!!

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Congrats! My wedding day is as well the 22nd of May 2010! Find your venue, and then decide your colors... Another thing to keep in mind is the time of day. Softer colors(canary yellow) are typically better in the morning & mid-day, while your richer colors (godiva gold) work wonders in evening candlelight! ;) Good Luck!

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I went to Home Depot and Lowe's and got paint swatches and compared color palates until I found the right colors for my. Robin's Egg Blue and a Misty Pink with Cream
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