My Fur baby is freaking out! (Also let me see your fur babies!)
It is storming pretty heavily here and my chihuahua, Mocha, is freaking out. She shakes a lot and sticks her tongue out. It is so cute because she looks happy.

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I also have another dog, a pomchi named Petyon.

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Here are 2 I have in Instagram because I am too lazy to find my hard drive where the rest of my pictures are lol

First is my spoiled princess Bella, she's a mixed breed but we aren't sure what the mix is lol
Second is my 100# American bulldog Rizzo, who is obsessed with sleeping under the coffee table

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I had 7 puppies...two have gone to their new homes. The rest are leaving next week. We're keeping one, and we still have mama. Luckily they're not frightened of storms.

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Here's a cuter one..they're way bigger now though.

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I just recorded our puppy chasing his tail! LOL cracks me up!!

First pic is a pic taken today
Second pic is with his brother

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My Peanut sleeping on my shoulder, and Abby at Christmas :)

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Hahah too funny!

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Mine likes to lay on the couch funny

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Here is my Boxer baby..he is 7 now... his name is Bo! My big sweet boy, I have two girlie cats Ostara Bella and Mabon Aurora...both 11 years old. sweet things but no pics on this puter! So you just get my pup.

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Our fur baby does fine with storms but HATES fireworks. He will bark at the TV if it is making firework noises

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So cute = Sabrina, I love boxers. Had one named Joey who was the biggest couch potato and he was scared of storms, fireworks - anything loud in general. He had the exact same markings as your Bo and I miss him so much!

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Oh you opened up a can of worms with this thread! Your baby is adorable! I love chihuahuas, so cute and fun!!

Here is my fur baby, my 100 lb bulldog/pitbull, the second love of my life :) The third picture is what he does when he is scared of storms and I'm not home- he burrows everything out from the floor of my closet and hides. It's like he has listened to the weather man say to get to the most interior place in your house in case of a tornado warning :)

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The dogs are so cute! I want to see more if people have any!
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