My Bouquet: Anyone heard of using these flowers together?/A place that can do it?
The flowers I want in my bouquet are white lilies(not calla), pink bleeding hearts, and a few light yellow orchids. I've been looking around online and can't seem to find any places that work with bleeding hearts. They're my favorite flower and I desperately want them in my bouquet. Does anyone know places around my location-central Pennsylvania? Any online services that will work with it? Or has anyone else used these flowers.. have any pictures?

I quickly put together a photo of something like it in paint (cutting and pasting-nothing fancy). Haha.. it's not great but it gives an idea of what I'm looking for.

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Have you called florists in your area?

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Your best bet is to talk to a florist directly. They may not be in season but you still might be able to get them shipped in. The bleeding hearts, those are the tough ones. Stargazer lily and the orchids are easy. My florist will do anything and can get any flower, in season or not, for a price. Visit some near you and bring the photo. Do you have a wedding planner? They can also give you florists in your area that can help you out.

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Bleeding hearts are not commonly used as a reatail cut flower, if they are ever available, it would be from a specialty shop. They are a garden plant, and go dormant in aug. I would suggest you look for good quality silk ones which will blend well with fresh flowers. spend the $$ on the quality and you will have them as a reminder of your special day for years to come. Here is a link of more information and story of the bleeding heart plant:
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FlowerFriendsZ (frenzy)
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here is a place with silk- that picture was probably a spring wedding with bleeding hearts from a garden

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I haven't called anyone yet.. it's still early I just thought I'd ask to see if anyone was familiar with this or had suggestions. I plan to start calling around soon. Thanks for the silk flower suggestion.. that hadn't really occurred to me, I'll check into it :)
I'm very particular on color though, so I think I may have to do some real searching. Are there any highly recommended silk florists? When I search florists on here I get all real flowers.

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To my knowledge, typically florists don't like to work with delicate flowers prone to breaking or easily wilting. You would have to talk to a florist to see what they say, but I'm thinking bleeding hearts might be too delicate to work effectively in a bouquet. You might have to ask them what might be a similar substitution or stick with the silkies. Good luck!

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I have 2 giant bleeding Hearts in my front yard, they are beautiful flowers... The only issue i see is that they only really bloom until beginning of June then they are pretty much green bushes... Its a gorgeous bouquet in the picture.. I hope you can find someone to do them for you.

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Thanks for all the help and suggestions :) I have a contacted someone who does silk flowers and understands the dilemma with the bleeding hearts. She is contacting her suppliers to see what she can do with my order. Cross your fingers for me!

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Nope. She couldn't do it :/ Owell, I still have lots of time.

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Hello April,
I am desperately looking to include Bleeding Hearts to my wedding as well. I have called local florists, and they are researching. Have you had any luck, or any leads at all. I didn't really want to go with the silk flowers, it seems to me the flowers (although delicate) should be able to be shipped in from somewhere??? I NEED these flowers! Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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