June brides how much do you have left?
I am so over the guest list. the list just increased. I have 107 people and FH has 113 and we are inviting about 100 families. I am hoping that most of those people will not show up being it is an out of state wedding. keeping my fingers crossed. we were going to send them last week but we are doing April 1st. I amhave all the vendors in check and we just booked a mariachi today! now we have church stuff to focus on :)

so June brides, when are you sending your invites?

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Congrats June Brides! All the best :)

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Congrats on up coming wedding .. I'm a June bride too and i'm sending my wedding invintations out in 2 weeks

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thanks! :) The Future Mrs. is it stressing you out? I feel like guest list is overwhelming

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I am finishing up the invites this coming week and will be sending them out at the beginning of next month.
I finally got the MOH/BM's gifts done
centerpieces figured out, just need to buy a few more pieces and wait on things to come in the mail.
music picked out for ceremony/reception
finally decided on first dance song
all decorations for ceremony bought and put up
candy and ice cream buffet jars paid for
I have alot of my DIY projects done but still working on a few more

working on:
guest cards
sign for FG and RB
Sign for welcome to our wedding
and wedding this way

still need
table cloths
table runners
table overlays
and chair sashes

ties for guys
sashes for girls
my shoes,garter, & undergarments

Then there is the line up and things that I have started but need to do some finishing touches on.

I am so running behind on things

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I am sending out invitations this week. I am having a destination wedding too.

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Michella you are on the ball. keep it up girl! I am trully proud of us June brides. we need to get these invites sent out and I believe we will feel so much better!

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Abiti, I agree with you. I wanted my sent ordered last week & will be ordered tomorrow morning!! I'm feeling soo AHHHH, but will be glad when we finally get then back & in the mail.. Hopefully Vistaprint is on our side & rushes that order ..
Were also finalizing Cake, Caterer, & Bridesmaids dresses..
Just finished our programs, & rings & guys suits are next weekend!!

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Yayyy June brides!!!

June 1st here.. invites went out already Desintation wedding in miami on a carnival cruise to Bahamas.
So everyone needed plenty of time to book there cruise & air fare ;)

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I'm crossing my fingers we can get invites out by 3/31, which has been my goal date for months. Alas they are still being printed... luckily my bms have all told me which nights they are free and really want to help us get them out by Saturday. I just want them out!

Need to finalize floral quote
Linen order ready to go, just waiting for the (hopefully) easter sale
Need to get cracking on my DIY project which is chalkboard signs for everything
Gotta pull the trigger on ticket prices and book our honeymoon
Dress fitting this week =)
Still waiting on the bms dresses to come in (4/15)
Outfits: bachelorette, rehearsal and any honeymoon clothes
Whole bunches of final payments from 4/15 to 5/1
Schedule a few dance lessons
Pick all the "special" songs
Finalize our vows =)

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yeyi! wow keep up the good work ladies! I cant wait! :) my BM dresses are back to square one because one of them paid late and so they have to order a different designer to get it on time. I was upset but i am over it. i will be happy when they get their dresses

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I"m having a out of town wedding. I'm giving myself sort of a mental break from wedding planning. We have to go revisit the resort mid April. Here is our to do list
floral decor
meet with priest
make sure everyone has book lodging
finalize music choices reception/ceremony
buy jewelry!!!
practice wedding dance(I wish we chose to learn something simpler)
Order supplies for DIY projects
Do DIY projects!
Book our room in Savannah for the US portion of our honeymoon
finish IPOD playlist for rehearsal dinner music
So many other things I have probably not even thought of...

I love these post, they are a big reality check!
Good luck Junies.

Oh yeah programs/menus...
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I've been having some arguments with my invitations but other than that I'm about where all of you are. Invited go out next week...hopefully!!!! Then programs, menus, final candy buffet details, etc.

Good luck June weddings! We're almost there!

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I plan on getting the invites out this week since our RSVP is May 1st. I'm printing water bottle labels, programs, candy buffet labels, printing table numbers, name cards, cutting ribbon that we are tying on the wine glasses, putting our ceiling decorations together, OMG thanks for making me overwhelmed LOL. Better get to work now.

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@ Krysten i know right. haha. like Labake said, it gives us a reality check.

@antsy, arent invites just a pain?

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Hi- June 2nd Bride here!!! Good work with the vista print idea that is where all my paper items came from plus I am looking at doing a few shirts from there for wedding party gifts. I have my table decor done, cupcakes ordered, caterer booked, and lots of other cute touches done too... We sent out invites early, I have half of my RSVP's back already!! Only got back a few no's and our wedding is 1.5 to 5 hours away for all guests... I guess all I have left is to have fun at my shower and hope the day of the wedding things go smoothly and everyone has fun. One reason I am ahead is because I work full time, and am also graduating college late May so I have to be on top of everything!

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Hi! June 9th Bride here and I was hoping to send out invitations by mid-March, but after some bumps in the road, the invitations will not be going out until this weekend. It has been one of the most stressful parts of the wedding planning process so I am glad to see that it is almost over!

Here is what we have done though:
* Coaster favors for the reception
* Bridal party gifts bought
* Church programs ordered
* Flowers done-we are using silk and they turned out great!
* Rings purchased (still debating about getting FH's engraved)
* Reception decorations planned (we are using decorators so we don't really have much more to do here)
* Cake is designed and order placed

In progress:
* Ribbon wands for exit
* Tissue pomanders for aisle (6.5 more to go to get 18 total)
* Vows---we're attempting to write our own
* DJ music selection for first dance, father-daughter dance, etc.
* Addressing invitations and mailing them out
* Aisle runner

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UGH INVITATIONS/GUEST LIST HAS BEEN THE MOST STRESSFUL PART THUS FAR! Sorry, had to get that out! I am on track and maybe alittle ahead. I feel like I'm forgetting some of the little details- need to do:
Engrave GM gifts
outfits for rehearsal
think about programs (may not do these)
final consultation w/ cake lady
undergarments for dress
hopefully get flip flops from old navy for their sale
RB gift
cake knife
basket for hall
meet with wedding planner to finalize
meet with dj for song list
GM need to pay for their shoes and get fitted in may
my 1st fitting is in may
bottle wine for favors
find crystals for hair
whiten teeth and continue tanning and continue healthy lifestyle
get something special for parents, MOHs and best men
-there is plenty more to come! Good luck fellow Junes!! COMING SOOOOONNNNN!!!!!

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Not sure when to send invites-probably 2nd or 3rd week in april??? Dont know..

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GUEST LIST... haha. It has been very stressful!!

I hope to send out my invites April 9th??

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Only 87 days to go!!!! We're sending out our invites on April 7th! I made a list of all we've done and still have to do, but it was so long (haha) that it didn't fit.

We're done with all the big things, we're down to little things like making sure that FH has white socks to wear with his white suit and that his pants are hemmed. :) that and stuff like putting together favors (which are chocolate). mostly paper things left too, like escort cards and programs.
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