June 2013 Brides!!!
FH reminded me yesterday that we have exactly 8 months until we say I Do!!! :) I'm so excited!!! I have LOTS done so far, lots of deals and DIY projects i'm having a blast with. Going for the bridesmaids dresses in 2 weeks so i'm excited/nervous for that.. How's everyone else doing??

Mrs. B
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Lucky me
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8 months exactly today for me :) Going well just wish time would hurry up lol

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Less than 8 months for me! I'm also nervous and excited! Surprisingly, I have gotten a lot done...my mom is awesome! Just booked our band! Now, I just really need to get myself on a strict diet until the wedding!

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AAAAHHHHHHHHH !!!!! ok ok well I lost a bridesmaid,going for my girls dresses in 2 weeks as well and still lots of diys to get done. Mailing out my STD on the 1st, still have to go for our food and cake tasting and book our hm. I was ahead but some how now I feel waaayyy behind

Mrs. B
Married: 06/21/2013
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@Heather i'm with you on the diet, can't seem to stick w/that! lol Breathe @Eughinia, i'm with you. I thought i was WAY ahead but i'm realizing that 8 months is not a VERY long time and i need to get cracking!! :) and My brothers wedding is this weekend too! Ahh! After that, i'll be FULL STEAM AHEAD!!!
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All pocket invitations on sale this month!!! Beautiful colors and designs to choose from.

If you would like to receive free samples please email me your wedding colors at:

Best wishes!

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i feel way behind reading this haha. thankfully my wedding is going to be like a small back-yard barbecue type of thing with just immediate family and close friends... just can't wait to get back home in 19 days so i can start REALLY planning!

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Planning wise everything is coming along. Save the Dates already went out.. Venue, catering, DJ are all booked. Dress is bought and paid for. Picked out the bridesmaid dress, but only one of them has ordered theirs. Only major things left to decide on is flowers and the photographer. Two things I am CLUELESS on. Now if only there were more time to save!

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Less then 8 months for me :) So excited for the officiant, photographer, venue, DJ and caterer all booked. got the bridemaids dresses, my dress, bunch of diy signs done. gotta start on the diy decor and centerpieces and have to find a bakery for our cake. :) So very excited! Doing the song list now.
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OMG I can't believe it's less than 8 months away! I feel like I got a lot accomplished so far - ceremony/reception venue with catering, photography, dress, bridesmaid dresses, florist, DJ, officiant, website are all done. But I still have so much left to do...videographer, cake, STD, invitations, tuxes, all DIY stuff...ahh!

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I havent even started... Cant decide what I want to do...
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