Hot Pink and Black Wedding... Ideas NEEDED!
Hello everyone! I just recently got engaged and we have set a date for July 11th!! AHH! I have so much planning to do with so little time! I am looking at hot pink and black as my colors. I live in Vegas and although it will be hot, the reception in my parents back yard. I want it to be a fun sumnmer theme. I was thinking about getting big table umbrellas for each table with a hot pink top and black tassels around the edge. Also, I've hired Haagen Dazs to set up a cute little ice cream stand (my cousin had it at hers and it was really cute and fun). SO, basically that is what I am thinking. Any ideas or website links would be SO helpful! I need to figure out the bridesmade and groomsman atire, wedding invitations, the bouquet, decorations... basically everything. Even ideas for the whole umbrella idea would be great! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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If there are trees think about hanging paper lanterns in the trees. You could think about hot pink Gerber Daisies with black centers for bouquets. Simple vases or bottles with individual Gerber Daisies and garden flowers on the tables. The bottles or vases don't have to match. Visit my site for some ideas.


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I would advise you to be careful hot pink is a very strong color and if you have too much of it everywhere it wont look so hot. Black and hot pink is a big contrast. What if you did the bridesmaids in nice summer dresses in hot pink and they can carry white flowers. You can even have them wear a thin black sash on the dress. The umbrella idea is a good start; I’m not sure about the tassels. What linen are you using on the tables? I think if you do the linen in pink and have the umbrella in pink it will be way too much pink. If you do black linen (which id be too weary to try) then you could do pink flowers at the table in a nice vase with pink napkins? That may look okay it may be a nice contrast.

Glamorous Expressions

Glamorous Expressions
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Well congrats!! Black and hot pink are great colors those are our colors that we use for our company. We also throw in silver. We did our own decorations for our Grand Opening and it came out beautiful and very classy. We did hot pink table clothes with a black runner down the center. Depending on how long the tabel we put mirror and then a glass candle holder and candle on top of the mirror. Then between that we took a small-medium flower pot and wrapped it in silver cellophane. In side that we put stick that were tall and curly and sprayed with silver glitter (bought at walmart) and put them in the pot have to use foam to hold/ We also made chocolate that had to do with our theme and put them in the pots and they were gifts that people could take home. They are a HUGE hit and very simply but make a huge impact. If you have any questions let me know. I can send you pictures.

Luke SkyWalker Laser Engraving

Luke Sky-Walker Laser Engraving
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O my gosh, we have the same wedding date and colors!! That is pretty cool, great minds think alike! I'm having hot pink strapless dresses with black bows on front and little black silk balero jackets. It is super cute!! The guys are gonna wear the hot pink vests and ties with black tuxes. I'm incorporating white and silver with it too which goes beautifully and I love the umbrella idea!

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I am actually planning my wedding from california and am having it in vegas next november. I just booked my florist and i dont know what i would do with out her! Her name is michelle with rosey posey floral! she is amazing and knows ALOT of people! her prices are very resonable and she will be able to stay in you budget! I found a photographer as well who is amazing! THis is michelles website if you need her number or anything let me know. She will be great help she knows EVERYTHING!


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My wedding is next year-July 16th. I am doing black, fuschia, and light yellow as well as white. I know that black and fuschia tend to be fal/winter colors so I threw in a ligh yellow to alter the feel. My bridesmaids are going to be in cocktail lenght dresses with fuschia shoes and my groomsmen will be in the black/light yellow. They're too manly to wear pink?!?!? I am doing lillies in all my colors and I'm getting them from I contacted a local florist and she said she would just charge a fee to arrange them even though I'm not ordering them from her. I can get black and hot pink lillies from that website. You might want to look here because you can find "your" flower in certain colors. If not you can get your flowers airbrushed. I am also doing a pink/black/yellow cake but you might want to look into keeping it in the fridge until you're redy to serve. I live in TX so I don't want mine to melt. I love your ice cream idea. I think that would be a great idea!Good luck
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hi congrads on your upcoming day i have a few sites and they are fast with shipping check them out. and are some sites you could check out for colors and items for your wedding congrads and good luck

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I am also doing black and hot pink for my wedding and need ideas. Glamorous expressions, can you email me picures? Or if anyone else has pictures or ideas can you email them to me?


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hey there, i am getting married in about 2 weeks and we have a pink and black wedding, feel free to take a peek at my bio for ideas/inspiration!!

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Hey There... Okay so when I first saw ur post... LOVE THE COLORS by the way!! I was thinking "Pink table cloths would be waaaaay to much, but black would be way too hot! So I was looking through some pics and I found something totally awesome!!
I think it would look so good outside and you could even add more pink to it. Here are some more ideas:
Bouquets (w/ pink not white):

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Other: (Just 4 ideas):

Good Luck!! Have a great wedding! Feel free to email me anytime if you have any questions or want more ideas or just to chat:
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here are some cute pics black jan 07 wedding 3_resized.jpg black jan 07 wedding 1_resized.jpg
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July weddings can be so festive, love the colors!

you can get some ideas at my web site at Check the Favors section for cute summer themes
for flower inspirations go to
lots of fun free projects and the new flower guide will let you know what is in bloom and affordable for your month.

Have fun

Dream Wedding Vendor

Budget Bride
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Here is an idea for your bridesmaids

Anything 5 dresses or more and I can get them for you at a great price.

Good luck, you have your work cut out for you.

Best Wishes,

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you could have the grooms man dress in black shorts and hot pink shirt with a black tie. and the brides maids in black skirts hot pink shirts or cute tops and have them hold black roses????????? that way everyone will be comfortable and you won't be outshined

InStyle Event Company

InStyle Event Company
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First of all congrats on your upcoming wedding! I am sure it has been exciting and stressful all at the same time. I want to suggest to you that maybe using the hot pink only in the decorations and as basically a pop of color through out, it is a very strong color and so is black and you don't want it to go from fabulous to verging tacky. My second suggestion for you is that maybe hiring a planner they can take all your ideas and come up with one great idea! They set you up with great vendors...and they don't break your budget like some people think they do. They actually can get you lots of discounts! Again congrats! I wish you all the best and if you have any questions don't hesitate to give me a call.


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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding. has some nice black flowers they sell. They have a picture of a black wedding bouquet they created using black roses and amaryllis.
Here's a picture of it:

I would suggest making the same bouquet and use a hot/pink satin to wrap around the bottom stem part.

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I am selling 25 Eiffel Tower Vase Centerpieces. These are BRAND NEW in the box, I am selling these becuase I changed my wedding theme. The vases are 20 " tall email me for pictures.

Thanks Stephanie
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