Friday Night Wedding
Is anyone else having a Friday Night wedding? If so, what time are you starting?

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I am having a Friday night wedding. Our ceremony starts at 6:30 Pm and goes until 12:30. I thought about pushing it back to but it's an outside ceremony so I wanted to catch the sun just before it goes down

Married: 06/19/2009
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I am starting at 6:00pm. I am pretty comfortable with that time. We have a small guest list mostly family. I guess I just dont want to feel rushed if things run late.

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we are having a friday wedding as well. We will be starting at 6:00pm. We are having a night wedding. I wanted a sunset wedding but the golf course we are using will not let us start our wedding until 6:00pm because it is open to the public

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We are debating between 5 and 5:30. We wanted to have it later but because of the dinner and everything we decided to just do it early. And a good amount of the people we are inviting work for my dad anyways! :)

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Ours is on a Friday night and we are starting at 6:00 as well. Dinner will be from like 6:45-8 then dancing from 8-12.
At first I thought it was kind of weird but it seems like a lot more people are doing it, and nobody that we talk to think it is strange.
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Hi --

To me it is difficult to ask the time a Friday evening wedding is to start. First, I would check on the time the sun sets in my geographical area. Please visit

That said, I would then ask the wedding venue if the sun sets earlier than indicated. This happens in my area (i.e., Palm Springs, CA) as many of the venues are up against our mountains and the sun drops behind these mountains causing an earlier sunset.

Most importantly, I would speak with my photographer and ask if (s)he can capture all the pictures I (i.e., bridal couple) want with the expected sunlight on the day of my wedding. In other words, I would involve my photographer in the decision making process of what time the wedding might best start at the selected venue.

I hope this is helpful.

Reverend Stan

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My wedding is starting around 6pm. I didn't want an early in the day wedding because I know how I am with getting up and getting things started. I also wanted it to be dark when I'm making my exit with the sparklers everyone will be holding.

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I forgot to mention, we are doing our pictures before the ceremony. We wanted to start the ceremony a bit later so people didn't have to get off work too early, but that doesn't leave a lot of time for pictures. So we are doing our pictures from 5-6. Definitely think about that if you don't want him to see you before the ceremony.

Also, we wanted to wait for the sunset but it would have pushed us back too far. We will just do the ceremony at 6, then when the sun starts to set our photographer is going to pull us out of the reception for a couple of minutes to get some shots with that in the background.

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I am getting married on october 15 at 5:30 pm. I am planning on having a horse drawn carriage and want good picts as the sun is setting.

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I'm getting married on a friday and we booked the church for 430 and the cocktail hour will start at 6pm

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Our wedding is at 4pm and the cocktail hour starts at 6pm. I am not sure how I got this time but I think it should work =)


Palm Beach Photography, Inc.
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For photography reasons, you should check the online sunset calendar. You should have at least one hour and 30 minutes of good light after your ceremony ends. That allows for one hour of photos and 30 minutes in case of any delays. Your guests will accomodate you. Because you will probably spend an decent amount of money on photographs, you should plan according to your photography so that you get the most for your money. Most guests attending a Friday wedding will take some time off of work, even if it's only leaving a few hours early to get ready. Hope this helps.

-Tonya at Palm Beach Photography, Inc.

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Married: 09/04/2009
May 15, 2009 at 1:31 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
I'm getting married on a friday, our church ceremony is at 12 noon and our reception is from 630 to 1230. We wanted to make sure we have time to ourselves and our kids before the reception, we want to be relaxed, eat and then go to the reception nice and calm. from what i see receptions on fridays are becoming more and more common.

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May 15, 2009 at 1:45 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
im doing the sparklers too! my wedding will be at 3 pm, probably a 30-40 min ceremony... then pictures and dinner will be at 5 and we will make our exit around 9ish :]

Donaji M.

Event Professionals
May 15, 2009 at 9:43 PM • Flag As Inappropriate
It is good to start it around 5 or 6 pm (if you can get a location that allows your reception to go until 12 mid). This way the guests can leave work a little early and avoid traffic

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We decided to go with a Thursday night wedding starting at 6pm. The reason why we decided on a Thursday night is to cut the cost and so that our friends and family could easily take a 4 day weekend to enjoy the wedding and location. Our wedding is taking place in Las Vegas and a lot of our family has never been to Vegas so we really want them to enjoy their time here.
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