Food on a budget!!!
Anyone out there doing something creative to save some money when it comes to food???

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We have to use the venue's catering company so we were kinda limited on that aspect. We did save money because getting married in January (off season even in Tucson) and on a Sunday saved us a ton of cash!
Before we'd chosen the venue and I was looking at catering options it was pretty consistent that Mexican food buffets were the least expensive options. If you're not into Mexican food there were some well priced BBQ options and certain pasta options also.

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We are doing a pasta bar and salad bar--We are cooking ourselves and doing buffet style....if all goes as planned we will be feeding 80-100 for well under 1000. Just doing a red sauce and alfredo sauce, two different types of noodles, choice of grilled chicken/meatballs/shrimp. If you go this way Sam's Club will be your best friend!

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I know some think this is a little odd, but did you think of doing a potluck dinner where family and friends bring food instead of wedding gifts? I mean you don't have to do it, I was just offering the suggestion. Good luck. If you don't do that then I would suggest just keeping it simple. The buffet style is always a better way to save $. If you have your reception earlier (at around 2) people will just expect a light lunch, not a dinner like they would at around 6 or so. Thats something that my FH and I are doing to save $ on the food.

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I think the potluck idea would be a great idea for more of an informal wedding, people could bring the recipe and you can create a wedding recipe book later. For more of a formal wedding, i would suggest getting a group of family members and close friends to make dishes and plan ahead on presentation and menu items.

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Life is Grand I love the addition of the recipe cards to make a recipe book...really nice! We are saving a on of money and getting food we will love by the way by having our reception catered by a Jamaican restaurant! We love JA food and I just could not accept paying 75 a plate for food I hate lol. We are also having our wedding on a Friday evening. The one pain with this is finding a venue that will allow outside caterers but in the end its totally worth it! Oh and we are having a signature alcoholic drink JA Rum Punch and just beer and wine that we are providing. It can be done...good luck!

InStyle Event Company

InStyle Event Company
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I just did I wedding where they hired the taco man. It was fun and unique to the couple since they love mexican food so much. We feed 65 people for $300. they cook it right there in front of your guests then serve it to them. Good luck hope this helps!

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Thanks everyone for the great suggestions! I considered possibly do a morning wedding with a brunch following. The local grocery store does wonderful fruit trays and I thought we could do fruit trays,a cheese display, yogurt(with granola, honey etc), mini bagels and spreads, croissants with cheese and ham. For the dessert I would do muffins from Paradise Bakery. Does this sound cheesy? The food would be buffet style for 11ish....

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Hi there congratulations on your upcoming wedding my FH and I are having a BBQ wedding reception where friends and family will make the food to save money if we catered it will cost us a great deal so why not have loved ones make the food and still have a great day. I hope this helps and again enjoy your day do things the way you want.

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I think a brunch buffet could be fun! Cinnamon Rolls Popper right into my head as well, some nice pastries as well!
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I think all of the previous suggestions are wonderful. What about an h'ors douvers reception? Have heavy appetizers, either passed around (very elegant)or buffet style. Would be less expensive than a full meal, and is classy.

Best of luck!
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An idea would be to have your family do it. My husband and I paid for our wedding ourselves and we had a lot of older family that couldn't "buy" a gift but wanted to help. My mother was over coordinating it. We had 450 people at our reception and we had food left over. And the best part was that it was completely free and everyone loved it!

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SamanthaJoann, you're cooking the food for your own wedding? Good luck to you. I was actually going to do that since my FH is a cook, and he really wanted to cook the food, but I told him that it would put too much pressure on us for our day. Also, I told him that if he cooked the food, he would be in and out of the kitchen throughout the reception and I would be by myself most of the time. So we agreed to go with a caterer and my grandpa is paying for it so either way, we are saving money :)

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We're having a huge bomb fire, hotdogs w/ all the fixin's; mustard, mayo, katchup, sour kraut, relish, etc., tator salad, chips, dips and drinks, then we are going to have all the stuff to make s'more with. MMMMMM...making myself hungrey.

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I was just looking at different places. We know that we would like italian food. I can get 90 servings of just pasta with sauces for $600. THis is from a nice place in the same town where I live.
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