Dress Doesn't Zip!!!! FREAKING OUT!!!
So I went to my second dress sitting yesterday! My dress had to be taken up nearly 8 inches in length and i also needed to be taken in in the top; however, the bodice and waist fit perfectly! So yesterday when I got to the fitting I put on the dress. The length was perfect but I couldn't get it to zip past the middle of my back. Instead of taking up just the top. She took three inches out of the whole bodice. Needless to say I am seriously freaked out! She says that she can fix it, but I am worried. I haven't been concerned out this but now we are less than 2 month out and I am worried.

Married: 06/09/2012
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I hope all works out. I am freaking out because I have put on about 10 pounds since buying my dress. It still fits but it fits to where I feel like I can't breathe. Hard core Zumba going on until I loose the 10 pounds. Best of Luck!

Married: 06/09/2012
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Good luck to you too!! This is the most stressful part of it all!

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There is plenty of time, I think if she was able to take it in she'll be able to let it out again. I know easier said than done but try to relax and not worry about it until your next fitting :)

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yikes... she'll fix it...well she better!

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Don't freak out yet. If she says she can fix it, then she'll fix it. That's also why you do multiple fittings early :-)

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It'll be ok. She can fix it. Just keep an eye on your weight for the next 2 months...don't let it go up or down.

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If you were freaking out (and rightfully so) imagine how she was probably also freaking out (at least I would hope she did). Don't worry, she will get it fixed for you and all will be well.

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Was it a private seamstress, or a bridal salon? If it was a salon, I'd have htem get you a new dress- ASAP! At no cost to you.

This seamstress majorly screwed up, and I mean majorly. She took the dress in 3 inches- that's like 2 sizes. That can't be fixed without it showing. I'd give her 3 days for you see if FIXED- or she pays for a new dress on a rush order.

Mrs L
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Not sure what your dress looks like, another option could be adding a corset back.

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The part that I am concerned about is that the top is majorly beaded. While I am confident that she can get it to fit, I am not sure that it will be as beautiful as it was before.
@Meghan B.-This is a private seamstress. The bridal store I bought the dress at was going out of business so I had to find someone myself to fix it. The seamstress has fitted some of my friends dresses and they turned out beautiful. I asked her to be honest with me initially and if she couldn't do it I would find someone else. She said she could do it and she says that she can fix it now, but i have lost my confidence. If she can't fix it, I am really gonna be in a crunch.
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