Me and my fiance are looking for a DJ for our 3/23/13 wedding. We don't want a cheesy dj - does anyone have any suggestions?


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Use the vendor tool. Thats what its there for. Its kind of pointless to ask for a recommendation and not tell anyone where you are.

And if youre going to stick around to plan your wedding, please change your default picture
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Hi Stephanie! Welcome to WeddingWire! :)

It might be easier for people to help you out if you give us a little more information ...
Location? What you're looking for in a dj? Budget constraints?

There's also a tool in your WeddingWire account where we 'Recommend' vendors to you based on your answers to a couple of questions! (i.e. location, budget, number of people) You can then see those vendore storefronts on WW, read past client reviews, and contact them for more information! This tool is a great way to get started in your search :)

Take a look at our following support articles for help with this tool:!: My Vendors Tutorial do you match me to my 'Recommended Vendors'?

Good Luck!

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WWChristina, you are so pleasant when you write to people! I wish everyone used tasteful/classy ways to respond to people! :)

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agree with cate!

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Yes I agree no need to be rude people!

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Your profile says you are in queens. I can PM you a DJ
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