Ceremony Decoration Ideas!
Ok I'm getting married in a gorgeous outdoor space. Trees, grass, gardens, and one side is all cliff overlooking the ocean. I didn't have a a lot of decorations in mind, but now I'm worried that the setting won't be enough to make it look nice!
We had to cut down some of our budget, so we're using white patio chairs...not ideal but they're a 4th of the price of any of the nicer chairs.
I have fake white flower petals that I'm going to cover the aisle with.
My concern is that it's all just going to look too white and plastic. Like really cheap.
I thought about chair sashes to break up the white, but now my concern is that they won't really work for the type of chairs were using.


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First photo is our ceremony location - can't see the whole thing, but cna get an idea of what I have to work wiht.
Second is the chairs I'll be using.
Third is what I want to do with the aisle.

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You can DIY chair cones and tie them on the back of each chair. Or if potted plants are in your budget maybe line the aisles with potted plants.

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Instead of all white flower petals, how about adding in a color? Shouldn't be too expensive -- you don't need as many colored as white.

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What about those iron shepherd's hooks you can stick in the ground along the aisle for hanging jars or flower balls or something?

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Probably the least expensive would be to do the chair cones, but if you can afford 8 or 10 shepherd's hooks, you can string tulle between them on either side of the aisle and use your alternate color. Then add kissing balls like Katie shows. Here's a pic of my inspiration:

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I like the idea of shepherds hooks - would just need to see how pricey that is. We're using mason jars in our centrepieces, so that would definitely go.
The chair cones, and other things hanging from the chairs are all good ideas, but won't really work with the type of chairs I have unfortunately.

I was thinking about other colors in the flower petals - i found some cheap on ebay! Maybe I'll still go with that.
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Alina, if you choose to use flower petals down the aisle, I'd choose a different color than white. I like the shepherds hooks in the picture Katie provided, mason jars. The scene is naturally pretty and I'm partial to rustic elegant look. If you want a focal point, I'd dress up the altar. Feel free to check out some of my ceremony design boards on pinterest. You may get some ideas. Http://www.pinterest.com/yehuditsc. Since you have the white plastic chairs, I'd try to add natural touches to balance the look. And sometimes, less is more. Just my 2 cents...

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I agree with Yehuditsc, less is def more. With that view, you really don't need much more. I love the idea of hanging mason jars from the shephards hooks. I also love Linda's idea.

Shepherds hooks can be purchased at Walmart. Right now is the perfect time because it is planting season.

Will there be a table to be used as an altar? You could always flag either side of them with the shepherds hooks too. Or Marie built stands that she is sticking flowers on.

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I got my Shepard hooks at the dollar tree for $1.00!

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Michella -you always find the great deals. I looked at my dollar tree and they only had a couple darnit!

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I don't have dollar tree here, but I should get FH to look at the one near his house! Thanks Michella!

I've already bought all the white flower petals, so I think I'm going to stick with those, but I might add another color to them.

I've been trying to figure out if I can use the chair sashes still. I might be able to make them work with the chairs - if so I think those are what I want the most!

Thanks Ladies :)

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I snagged this super inexpensive idea from a Bride here on WW and made it work with our decor.

Concrete Forms from Home Depot 6.97 each. A can of Aleene's spray adhesive from Michaels - $6.99 and some super cheap fabric from Walmart. We had a sheet of plywood in the garage that we cut the tops out for but you could also use serving trays from the dollar store or just about anything.

Here's a pic of mine - to give you an idea.

Marie S. (aka Princess Leia)
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You could cover these in Burlap instead of the black velvet that I used. For the top, I would use a piece of rustic looking wood like a cut from a tree trunk - darn I can't describe it correctly. Put your mason jars w/ pretty flowers a few votives on top and call it perfect. :-)

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I think you can still do the bows with your chairs, just tie them on the bars of the chair and put a little double stick tape on the back side of your chair to keep them in place. I agree to use colored flower petals. I incorporated all of my colors in the petals for my flower girl, you could do the same. the shepard hooks are a great idea too.

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Thanks so much ladies! I decided that I could still make the chair sashes work, I'll just put them through some of the slats on the seat side.
I really like the white flower petals but I might add some more color in there too.
Marie, I like your pedestals, especially the idea of putting wood rounds on them! I might use something like that at the entrance to my reception.
Thanks again :D

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What about tieing tulle from chair to chair on both sides? Than on the ground where it ties you could put a a vase with a flameless candle?

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That's a good idea Cori - I don't soo much love tulle, but I have some other drapey fabric that might be good :)

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You do like a silky fabric. It has the nice flowy look. I went to the dollar tree and bought candlestick holders and regular vases. I scratch up the bottom of the vase and the top of the candlestick, superglued them together. I'm putting sand and a candle in each one. That's what we are lining our aisle with.
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