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Ok so I have looked at others in their search for centerpiece ideas and now I am asking for more. We are having an outside wedding Aug 15, here in Montana. It and the reception will be morning/afternoon with lunch. The food is BBQ (white dress watch out!!! LOL) Our colors blue/white/silver. We are using silk flowers though I really don't want flowered centerpieces. Not too interested in candles as it is right in the middle of the day. Budget is limited. Second wedding for both of us though I never had a "wedding" So far everything has fallen into place perfectly and I am not too worried about what to do. Thanks ahead of time for any thoughts and ideas.

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I'd say going with the whole outdoor-sy, Montana feel - use branches! You could get some fabulous silver and white manzanita or mitsumata branches (or spraypaint them yourself), get same large cylindrical vases and "bam!", CENTERPIECE.

Beautiful, chic and cheap!

Here's a great resource:

Hope this helps!

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This is an adorable centerpiece/ The branches are white/silver. Which you could spraypaint yourself like the pp stated. And the vase is blue.

I definitely think sticking to branches is a great way to have a centerpiece without candles or flowers.

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Well I know you said you didn't want flowers, but what about wheat grass centerpeices... I was going to do those for my wedding which is also AUGUST 15th! but am going with mason jar centerpieces instead. But you could do wheat grass in a rectangular box/planter and put blue/white/silver butterflies in the wheat grass to make it look like they are sitting in the grass or something like that. Maybe even cut some short stems of your silk flowers and put them in the wheat grass.. just a thought.
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