Centerpieces and bouquet out of silk flowers?
I would really rather use silk flowers due to budget, but I want them to not look 'cheap' either. Any suggestions as to where to buy from or how to do them so that they look nicer?
Thank you!

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I have a silk bouquet and my florist got everything from either Hobby Lobby or Michael's.

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Hobby lobby and michaels will do wonders. I made my own bouquet and it looks really nice and it was so much cheaper than real flowers. I got my flowers from hobby lobby, michaels and walmart (because I liked the hydrangeas at walmart better). It's a bad pic, but they came out great. Also, I tried to pick silk flowers that you can find in the actual flower (like blue hydrangeas, lavader roses, etc).

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Oh great. Thank you :) I will be checking them out! And "That One Chick", it does look very nice!

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I bought mine from Hobby Lobby. I think they are called real touch flowers and I love them. And they feel like real roses.

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Hobby Lobby is my favorite. We made all of our floral arrangements (centerpieces & bouquets out of sil flowers.) my favorite are the ones that look real with the thick real looking stems. This is our bouquets i think they look really real & they turned out great.

Hayley C™
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Real touch is the way to go.

check out for coupons for all 3 stores (Joann fabric, Michaels, hobby lobby) They will accept competitors coupons. Print out one from each store when you go shopping at they will let you use all 3 coupons on the same day

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I got my flowers at Hobby Lobby too. I bought the kissing balls in the wedding aisle. Those had the nicest flowers. I'm just tearing them apart. They almost feel like suede or velvet. half off, each one was 5 or 7 dollars. So, for about $40, I got enough flowers for my bouquet, the other arrangements, and all of our pew bows. That one chick--I LOVE Walmarts Hydrangeas too!! I just couldn't find a way to make them fit into my whole floral scheme. Good luck!!

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Check out alexisgracedesigns on! She did my bridesmaids' bouquets and they turned out gorgeous! She's working on my bouquet now.

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I used real touch roses and it even fooled my mom!

I had them all set up ready for the wedding in the hotel while we were getting ready and my mom went over, touched them, SMELLED them and said "these are so pretty! but arent you afraid they will die without water?" I laughed at her..."theyre fake mom" SMH

Honey B.
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I purchased our centerpiece flowers from Michael's and our bouquets/bouts from a seller on Ebay who put them all together. I love that they're silk flowers and you can't even tell!

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I too am using artifical flowers. I found this great site

Ashley C (formerly P)
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Hobby Lobby when they have their "All stems 50% off" sale which is every other week. I used real touch roses as well.

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I got all of my flowers at Michaels on Black Friday...for $136:

-my bouquet
-tossing bouquet
-6 BMs
-12 bouts
-5 corsages
-7 vases for bouquets
-supplies: glue gun, floral tape, pins, ribbon, etc.

I'm not making floral centerpieces, but just using the 7 vases with bouquets around the reception hall.

They look amazing...that's funny about @Now I Am Mrs. Clark...when I told my MOH I was using fake flowers she almost cringed. She came over to my apt a few days ago and was like, "Katie, I thought you were using fake..and won't they all die since you got them so early?" I laughed and showed her that they are fake...she was amazed! I promise I'll post pics when I'm done...but not yet :)

Michaels FREQUENTLY has sales...and a lot of the time its specific to florals. You can either sign up for their newsletter or go to their website "this week's deals." Wait for one that is a percentage off your ENTIRE purchase instead of one item. They have these once a month or so! Good luck!

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Not sure if you're set on using silk flowers or a specific flower, but I'm buying real roses at Safeway, 12 for $10 or 18 for $13. It's enough to make a nice-sized bouquet, plus I will add some baby's breath and maybe another type of flower if I decide to split the roses up. You can even place an order for however many you need, in any color, instead of buying whatever they have on the floor. Hope this helps!

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I used They were great. Also used hobby lobby and a place in sugar land Texas.

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here they are

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this is like my bouquet. All silk!

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I ordered mine and my maid of honors bouquet from
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