Average cost of wedding planners?
Okay so ive been wanting to get a wedding planner simply to do all the last things we need done and get things all organised so that I can focus on the rest of the visa process that is left without dealing with that and the wedding and family flying in and everything else. Only problem is that everytime I contact a planner they say they cost around $3000 and up. I already have my venue picked food and drinks organised photographer done and I just want someone to help coordinate everything else thats left and find good deals for us. The wedding is also in a different state to where we are living and I wont be able to travel there until the wedding so a planner to take over from now would be wonderful. Does anyone know how much most planners charge in the Kansas City area or of any good affordable ones.

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You're best bet is to start calling and asking, they will have different levels of 'involvement' there fore, having a different cost, from my understanding, for the whole shebang, they often charge a percentage of the entire wedding budget, then if you go with just day of corridnator, that's a different fee.

FMS, the barefoot wife!
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I ment call planners in the area you are getting married in..I see they have already quited you a price, just call them up and tell them what you need them to do for you, ie: day of and before corridnating, just help findind affordable linens and rentals, etc..
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There is a website that can give you a rough idea on average costs.
Enter your zip code, then choose "Planner/Consultant" on the left.
Take it with a grain of salt - I'm not exactly sure how they collect this information (they say from brides, not from vendors) and how they average the numbers. But it will at least give you an idea...

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I'm not sure where you are. I'm in the cleveland area. I was quoted

$400 for day-of coordinator,

$1500 to decorate ceremony & reception locations, day of coordinator, monogram aisle runner and maybe a couple other things

$2500 and up (% of budget) for all of the above and basically be at the bride's beck and call. hand address invitations, receive rsvps, make honeymoon reservations. A whole bunch of stuff

But ultimately I'm not going to be using the planner because her packages includes so many things I don't want/need the planner to do. Plus I just have a problem with the fee being a percentage of my budget.

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My wedding planner started from day 1 and did so much for us. Her fee was $630, which I think was an amazing deal. And she did more than I could have even asked of her.

Nicole K.

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It all depends on the planner. Most give complimentary initial consultations so you can go in and see what they can offer you. Good luck!
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