Denise Cregier Photographer

Denise Cregier Photographer

Wedding Photojournalist

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Style: Photojournalism, Portraiture
Packages: Albums, Digital Files, Flush Mount, High Resolution ...
Liability Insurance: Yes
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Categories: Photography
Event Types: Anniversaries, Bar / Bat Mitzvahs, Christenings, Corporate Events, Eco-Friendly / Green Weddings, LGBTQ Weddings / Ceremonies
Established: 2003
Employees: 1
Accepts: Check, Mastercard, Visa
Frequently Asked Questions for Photography
Style: Photojournalism, Portraiture
Packages: Albums, Digital Files, Flush Mount, Hi-Res Images, Prints, Thank You Cards
Liability Insurance:
Special techniques: As an artist, and having a fine art background, I do manipulate a handful of images slightly, though only when called for. I feel strongly that the best images happen when the image is taken, not in post processing. Manipulating images can often take away from the image.
Experience in various lighting: All. While shooting weddings, I have to constantly gage my lighting situation and adapt to it. It's a bit of a fun challenge in that regard, and never gets boring. :)
Media Preference: I prefer digital. I held on tight to my film bodies, until I fully benefitted from the ease and incredible flexibility that a digital camera offers. Also, with the technology today, a digital camera far exceed the limits of previous film cameras. There is a place for film, and I do appreciate the warmth and grain. But to capture with the flexibility that I do with digital cameras, I'm almost certain that this would be unobtainable with film.
# of Photographers On occasion I will bring a second photographer. I think there is a myth that more is better, but to be honest, I find that sometimes being the only photographer at an event gives me an advantage with being unobtrusive. This allows me to be discreet without interrupting moments.
Books >1 event per day Never two in one day. My clients have my undivided attention.
Replacement photographer: I network with many photographer who if, knock on wood, something were to go wrong, we could call on each other and fill in for one another.
Back-up Equipment How could someone not? This event is way to important to not have back up gear.
Digital files or negatives: I provide high resolution JPGs for couples.
Online Images: Yes.
Albums offered: Handcrafted and custom designed albums. I offer both traditional matte albums, and contemporary coffee table books.
Other Information
Additional Answers & Advice: You might ask yourself what is the most important factors when booking a photographer for your wedding? If you were my best friend and I could not shoot your wedding, these are the things that I would tell you:

Look for someone who's work you truly love. The photography is the one thing you will have to remember not just your wedding, but your close family and friends, and this special time in your life. Look first for the wedding photographer whose work you most admire, and then worry about pricing. Searching by price first will limit and you and cloud your judgement. You can always work around the price once you've sorted out which photographers you are most drawn to. Be picky! These images will last you a lifetime!

Make sure your photographer is a professional photographer with a solid reputation and knows how to process the work flow from beginning to end. Anyone can pick up a camera and shoot, and maybe even very well. The real important aspect of your photos are ensuring that you will get your photographs. Photographers should arrive at your wedding with adequate gear and back up gear. Photographers should have a work flow in which to download and back up your wedding day files and store these at two separate locations in case of a flood or fire. Better to be safe!

Relax! Once you've done all your planning, it is everyone's job to make this day flow for you. Trust your photographer to grab all those great images that you loved in their portfolio... and enjoy your wedding day!
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