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Yes, Your Guests are TOTALLY Hooking Up at Your Wedding

All the juicy details on those wedding hookups. Your single friends are going to want to read this.

people dancing at wedding

people dancing at wedding

If you’re inviting a bunch of single friends to your nuptials, you may be wondering if any wedding hookups will take place. Well, there’s a good chance that some of your single guests will find love (or lust) on your big day. We surveyed 1,000 recent wedding guests and a whopping 50 percent have experienced some kind of romantic encounter with someone at a wedding. And we’re not just talking about casual encounters. Many of these wedding hookups turn into real, everlasting love.

Get the juicy details on wedding hookups (and be sure to show it to your single BFF, who might be worried about showing up sans date).

Weddings are a great place for single people to meet and exchange info.

Sure, some of your guests might hook up at your wedding, but many are waiting until after the big day to get together. According to our survey, 38 percent of wedding guests exchanged phone numbers with someone they met at a wedding. Whether this leads to a real date (and maybe a relationship!) or just a few texts, guests are definitely starting to make connections at weddings. Our recommendation: Don’t be too obvious about any matchmaking at your wedding (trying to seat single people who don’t know each other at all together)—if something is meant to happen, it will happen.

Some guests may take things to the next level—during your reception!

The combination of romance, alcohol, good music, and lots of single people means a #DFMO (dance floor make-out) is bound to happen, whether you like it or not. Turns out that 16 percent of our respondents have made out with someone at a wedding. Sure, it might be a little awkward if two guests share some serious PDA at your reception, but as long as all parties are safe and into it, don’t let it bug you. If you’re hosting a lot of single guests, you might consider hosting an after-party where your pals can let loose a bit more to encourage more casual mixing and mingling—and maybe a love connection!

A few people might, um, pair off by the end of the night.

If things are getting a bit hot and heavy at your reception, single guests might take things back to their hotels or homes (depending on where the wedding is taking place). In fact, 15 percent of our respondents have gone home with someone they met at a wedding. Destination weddings in particular are a hotbed for wedding hookups—your guests are in vacation mode already, so things might heat up a bit more quickly. Once again, it’s important to make sure your guests are safe (especially when there is alcohol involved), so be sure that your loved ones are looking out for each other and everyone feels comfortable. If there’s any concern that a guest is in trouble, don’t be shy about stepping in (or having a trusted loved one do so).

Some wedding hookups actually develop into more.

When it comes to meeting that special someone, weddings may be even better than Hinge. Turns out that 10 percent of wedding guests are in (or had) a serious relationship with someone they met at a wedding. While this obviously isn’t something you can control, it definitely can back up a decision not to give single guests plus-ones—they really may meet a future significant other on your big day! However, this only works if you’re hosting a bunch of single people who don’t know each other that well. If you’re only inviting a few single peeps, it might be best to give them a plus-one.

And some couples turn wedding hookups into weddings of their own.

It’s true! Five percent of our respondents actually married someone they met at a wedding. So if two of your single pals get together at your wedding and end up walking down the aisle, you can totally take credit for their union!