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5 Shortcuts for Writing Thank-You Notes

Writing thank-you notes is one of those must-do, non-negotiable parts of the wedding process.

couple standing next to thank you sign

couple standing next to thank you sign

Photo: Ben Elsass Photography

Writing thank-you notes is one of those must-do, non-negotiable parts of the wedding process – it’s important to show your appreciation for the gifts you and your new spouse received. But, there are some tricks to make the process go a bit more smoothly. Check out a few of our favorite ideas:

Get your stationery ASAP.
Purchase your thank-you notecards (and stamps too!) soon after you get engaged. You’ll probably start getting engagement gifts right away, so do the other legwork as far in advance as possible so you can get started on those notes as gifts come in.

Do a little each day.
Don’t let them pile up! Set a designated time and write a few thank-you notes every day, if possible. Once you get into a rhythm, they’ll be easy to do while zoning out in front of the television or before you go to bed each night.

Take them with you
Carry a few notecards (along with a pen and postage) with you in your bag. You never know when you’ll have some time on your hands – waiting for a delayed train, sitting in a doctor’s waiting room, etc. – so make that down time productive!

Use an online service.
If it’s the handwriting that’s stressing you out, a service like Postable can help. Postable allows you to type all of your thank you cards on the website using real handwriting fonts and then they print & mail all of the cards for you. This service is great for “hand-writing” Save-the-Date envelopes, too! (Even better, you don't have to re-collect your guests' addresses - simply upload what you've gathered from WeddingWire's Guest List tool!)

5. Split ‘em up.
It’s all about teamwork! Divvy up the labor with your spouse-to-be. Perhaps you each handle thank-yous for your sides of the family. Or one of you writes notes to family members, the other takes care of friends – whatever works best for you.