Photo: Kelli Carrico Photography

When you go out with your girls to celebrate your last single night, one of these thoughts may cross your mind!

“I’m so pumped for tonight! I haven’t been out with my squad in forever.”

“It’s possible this dress is a little too short.”

“Whatever, my girls said I look fierce and you only have one bachelorette party.”

“I look sooo good in this crown I should work it into my everyday attire. I’m sure my boss won’t mind.”

“Part of me would rather be on the couch in my PJs watching Netflix right now... I'm already starting to act like an old married lady.”

“I hope there aren’t any really crazy surprises tonight, surprises are OK, but crazy surprises, I can’t even.”

“Am I really supposed to drink out of that huge bedazzled cup?”

“I’m totally going to keep doing stuff like this when I’m married.”

“Where’s my sash? I swear I was just wearing it.”

“Oh there it is… on the dirty bar floor…”

“We definitely need to make this a regular thing. Who wants to get married next?”

“The DJ is literally playing all of my favorite songs.”

“If people quickly glanced, I bet we’d look like a spitting image of Taylor Swift’s 'Bad Blood' squad.”

“My bridesmaids look so great tonight, all eight of them are totally my soulmates.”

“I hope we don’t run into my fiancé(e)'s party, I cannot handle that right now.”

“Omg it’s 11 pm and we haven’t even taken an Instagram pic yet!”

“This is guaranteed to get me at least 50 likes, I mean, it’s my bachelorette party!”

“A third bar? I really, really don’t think we need to go to a third bar…”

“I can’t wait to go back to the hotel room and attack those chocolate cupcakes my MOH made.”

“I’m going to set a record and take the world’s longest nap tomorrow.”

“I can’t believe my bridesmaids put together such an amazing night!”