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10 Favorite Wedding Moments From Real Brides

Which split second stands out most to a bride?

happy couple at ceremony vows

happy couple at ceremony vows

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There are a whirlwind of wonderful moments that happen during a wedding. But which split second stands out most to a bride? Hint: it is the one played in her head over and over again!

"We took our pictures at Snug Harbor before the ceremony. I was so nervous/anxious, but when he turned and looked at me for the first time in my gown, it was as if time stood still. It was just the two of us basking in the moment. The rest of the day was such a blur filled with people and pictures and congratulations. The reveal was the one point in the day where it was just the two of us, and it was beautiful."—Yvonelle married Keith on June 13

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"After the ceremony and group pictures with our enormous wedding party, we grabbed some champagne and my two darling brothers took Chuck and I on a private little champagne cruise on our family boat. Some of my earliest memories are on that boat, and it was incredibly special to get away from the crowd and the excitement for a few minutes.”—Lisa married Chuck on June 29

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"My husband and I love ping pong, so we had a ping pong table. We decided to play for who wins the first argument. Naturally, I won."—Evelyn married Neil on May 24

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"Dancing at the bar at the end of the night! We ended up at one of the local bar after the reception, which had a local band playing. They ended up playing a song for us from my husband's favorite movie as we danced between the tables."—Beth married Wyatt on March 22

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"When we saw each other for the first time, we both cried hysterically. The photos are awesome." - Sandra married Brian on May 18

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"We had an amazing moment prior to the ceremony. We had both finished getting ready and were just waiting for the ceremony. Michael came to find me just as I was starting to get nervous. He walked up to a window with his back turned and his eyes closed, so he wouldn't see me. He stood with his back turned and we just talked for a minute. I felt so much better afterwards. Before he left, he gave me a kiss, and the next time I saw him he was standing at the altar."—Jennifer married Michael on June 2

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"The moment I stepped out from under the porch to walk down the aisle, the morning's drizzle turned to serious rain. I could've cried but my dad didn't falter, our friends and family we're sticking it out, and Steve was beaming at me from the altar. What does a little rain matter?"—Laura married Stephen on September 25

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"Once the bridesmaids and I were dressed and ready to go to the ceremony, my mom surprised me with a gift. It was a beautiful necklace with my new initials on it. We both cried when I opened it and shared a special moment just before the wedding. It was a reminder of how much my mom loves us and supports our marriage. I loved having that assurance in my heart as I walked down the aisle."—Nicki married Chance on June 7

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"The moment my now-husband and I sat down at our dinner table. After we were introduced and danced in and everyone took their seats, I remember he put his hand on my back and I just took a deep breath, looked around at everyone there who we loved and cared about and realized we did it. The nerves were gone, the anxiety was gone, and we could relax and soak it all in."—Stacy married Kyle on May 4

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"For me, it was the gift that Scott gave me on wedding day. Leave it to him, he came up with something a little out of the ordinary. It was a wooden box. In it was a letter that explained what I would need it for. Scott wrote, 'this box may be empty right now, but I hope we can fill this many times over. With memories, pictures, trinkets, souvenirs from our travels and anything else that makes us happy. And when we get down or need a pick me up we can go to our old wooden box.' I loved it! I think everyone should have an old wooden box."—Bridgette and Scott married on October 5

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