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Wedding planner or no wedding planner?

Future Mrs. M, on June 20, 2013 at 1:12 PM Posted in Planning 0 18
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I am debating on the $500-2,000 charge for their services. Anyone have any opinions or stories?


  • Mrs. A. Fernandez
    Master August 2014
    Mrs. A. Fernandez ·

    Personally Miss Tasha, that money can go on other thing's in the wedding. I thought about getting one, but, they do what your Matron or Maid of Honor can do. As far as finding venues within your budget, you can do yourself. Your Matron is supposed to make sure all show up at rehearsals, get hair and makeup done, put your wedding gifts and envelopes in a safe place etc. Save your money honey. O, btw, make sure you choose dependable girls!!! Just fyi.

  • Biscuit
    Devoted October 2013
    Biscuit ·

    Our venue is a hotel and they have an on-site wedding coordinator. It's included as part of the base fee. She'll be coordinating everything at the hotel (catering, decor, shuttle service, etc) and the contact for any vendors (cake, florist, DJ, etc).

  • Mrs.MacC.
    Expert June 2013
    Mrs.MacC. ·

    A lot of venues COME with wedding coordinators, so if you can find your venue on your own, once you get that far in the planning you do get someone that will be there to help you. I'd say save the money. I looked into hiring one as well when we first started planning I interviewed 3 of them at all prices levels (500 to about 3000&dollar, but I realized I wanted to use my own resources, and do it on my own with the help of friends and such. I am having a pretty elaborate wedding, and it has been stressful at time, but in the end, I'm glad I saved that money and put it toward other things. I think you can do it without one, unless you just really want one, Id say just go at it on your own!

  • Over the Top♥
    Master June 2013
    Over the Top♥ ·

    Most people on here will encourage you to do at least a Day of Coordinator. I hired a planner, and let me tell you that did not mean I didn't have to do any planning. But now that it's in the crunch time, and my company is suddenly swamped, I'm glad to have someone else calling the vendors and finalizing timelines...

  • We'llAlwaysHaveParis
    Master November 2013
    We'llAlwaysHaveParis ·

    I can't see paying to add a middleman. I guess if you can let go of your wedding and let someone else make decisions for you, then fine, but for me it would have been a middleman.

    There's a lot of value in having a day-of coordinator, for sure.

  • J&B
    Master September 2013
    J&B ·

    I hired a planner. Somedays I feel like I'm doing all the work anyway but other times she's a lifesaver. I really need someone to set up day-of and make sure I don't have to deal with anything. I think overall she is a worthwhile expense.

  • Laura Nicole
    VIP October 2013
    Laura Nicole ·

    I just booked a day-of coordinator, which was not something I originally planned. But I originally thought I had more time and less stuff to set up than I actually will. The idea of trying to squeeze everything in on that day was stressing me out, so I decided a DOC was worth it. I want me and FH, and our family and friends, to relax and enjoy the day as much as possible.

  • Jessie
    Beginner June 2013
    Jessie ·

    We had a day of coordinator (which was more like a month of plus more). We do not regret it one bit. I would have been so much more stressed out the wedding day. I could have had friends and family help but this way they got to enjoy the wedding as well. My coordinator also had an assistant that day which helped even more. I can fully say the day went perfectly because of my coordinator.

  • ktharris14
    Dedicated August 2014
    ktharris14 ·

    I say to anyone planning a wedding @ least a day of coordinator..When planning your own wedding you're bound to forget something. My mom, Aunt & sister all are wedding coordinators so i dont have to worry abt that extra bill.

    Maybe you can find someone that may be just starting out or friend/family member that is good with that type of stuff..

    whatever you decide i'm pretty sure it will be worth it =)

  • Julie
    Devoted August 2013
    Julie ·

    As above posters have mentioned, having a day-of-coordinator is great. I also am really glad that I chose to hire a decorator to set up all of my decor, set out my seating chart and favours, etc. That way I just arrive with my bridesmaids on the day of and everything will be ready to go! I think it's much more valuable than a planner. Also, planning is fun!

  • Chrissy
    Expert June 2014
    Chrissy ·

    You want your family and friends/ BP to have fun on the wedding day. If you can afford it, it's worth hiring a day-of planner. The last thing you want is for all the people important to you to remember all the work they had to do.

  • Chrissy
    Expert June 2014
    Chrissy ·

    Plus a day-of planner can help ensure your day is less stressful and coordinate things for you.

  • MrsC
    VIP January 2014
    MrsC ·

    I have planned most things myself. It's a tent wedding. It's going to be huge. No way I am expecting my friends to corral other people, decorate or schlep things. I thought I would get a day of coordinator. I am ending up with month of services. She will meet with me and get to know what I have planned and what is expected. I am handing her a copy of my agreements. She calls each vendor to introduce herself and make sure they have everything they will need. She will be there when the tent goes up and the day of to make sure everything flows as it should.

  • Amanda
    Master August 2013
    Amanda ·

    I hired a DOC for $1500, which I was totally against at first, but so far she's been amazing. Now that the wedding is just 2 months away, I'm seeing the value more and more. She's worked with our venue many times, which has been really helpful coordinating with them (our venue had amazing food and is beautiful, but difficult to work with). She also got us a deal with the best DJ in our area, as well as a great deal on our linens rental.

    Bottom line, if you have the funds, I'd at least get a DOC. Yeah a random family member could *maybe* do the job, but odds are they won't do it as well or as seamlessly as a professional.

  • Hot chocolate
    VIP November 2013
    Hot chocolate ·

    Save your money and get a day of coordinator. Our venue appoints one for us for free. we are plannin our wedding ourselves successfully with help of wedding wire and our organization skills. YOU CAn DO It!

  • TooManyMistys
    Master June 2014
    TooManyMistys ·

    I personally can SO see the benefits of a DOC I personally wanted my Bridal party to enjoy my wedding not have to work it basically. So we have considered it if we can get it into the budget. Otherwise we are looking for venues where it won't be needed. I want my BP to have to do as little as possible. I really don't expect my BP to plan anything for me. They are to wear their dresses and show up that's all I personally need them for. So for me using my BP as a planner was completely out of the question. When I did meet up with the wedding planner she brought up some great points of why she would be helpful (some were simple thing as just making sure the day went smoothly). She would be your eyes and ears so you don't have to be. So I would get a DOC if anything IF you can. If you can't it all still can be done without one.

  • jaletia
    Devoted October 2014
    jaletia ·

    I'm still looking for my venue so if a planner isn't provided I'd definitely hire one! I'm already so stressed just looking for the venue.

  • Mary
    Expert August 2013
    Mary ·

    I don't see the point of spending money when I can save it or use it for something else.

    A planner just a middle man everything they do I can do - I don't see the point

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