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Vendor Recommendations: Modern or Traditional?

Lynnie, on April 23, 2019 at 11:05 AM Posted in Planning 0 101
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How did you find your wedding vendors? The internet has obviously revolutionized the vendor search process, expanding your knowledge past word of mouth recommendations from friends and family to an online world of real weddings, price comparisons, and newlywed reviews! Smiley star

Today, nearly 80% of couples consider reviews very important in deciding whether or not to hire a vendor. Did you find your wedding vendors through traditional word of mouth recommendations, or did you do your own searches online?

Vendor Recommendations: Modern or Traditional? 1

Photo by Elizabeth Fogarty in Germantown, MD

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Latest activity by Sweetness, on December 25, 2020 at 1:58 PM
  • Future Mrs. K
    VIP June 2019
    Future Mrs. K ·
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    Modern, I did all my own searches and research online to find my vendors.

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  • Caytlyn
    Legend November 2019
    Caytlyn ·
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    Modern. The only vendor we heard about via word of mouth was our caterer, and we still checked out their reviews before showing them any interest.

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  • Kelsey
    VIP September 2020
    Kelsey ·
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    Modern, have done all the searches online. The only one that is somewhat traditional is my venue which we found at a bridal expo.

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  • Allie
    Master August 2019
    Allie ·
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    Modern. I checked every review online.

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  • Kristen
    VIP June 2020
    Kristen ·
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    A mix of both! Venue was word of mouth but everything else has been through WW or The Knot
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  • Jen
    Super May 2018
    Jen ·
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    Modern. Most of our research was done online. We met a few vendors at a bridal show and then went online and read a ton of reviews.

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  • Jessica
    Super May 2019
    Jessica ·
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    A mix of both. I definitely read reviews for everything but some vendors I've been following for years (photographer) and already knew they'd be booked, some I searched for, and some were recommended to me.

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  • Alyrae
    Super February 2020
    Alyrae ·
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    Online was my friend for finding my venue but i am going to use verbal recommendations for finding a pizza joint we can use for food ( i am having a pizza bar )
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  • Justine
    Dedicated August 2019
    Justine ·
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    I found mine online as well
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  • Sarah Eliza
    Dedicated May 2022
    Sarah Eliza ·
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    Online searches all the way!
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  • Ashley
    Dedicated August 2021
    Ashley ·
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    Online reviews have been a GREAT tool.
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  • Amanda
    Expert October 2019
    Amanda ·
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    A little of both.
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  • Kaitlyn
    Dedicated July 2020
    Kaitlyn ·
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    A little bit of both. I’m always going to look at their reviews online.
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  • Alicia
    VIP August 2019
    Alicia ·
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    Modern - all online searches. Thank goodness for the internet!

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  • Kaylee
    Dedicated September 2020
    Kaylee ·
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    Traditional. Everything so far has been recommended to us but we also went to a bridal show at our venue and got to meet several vendors at once which also helped a lot. So would that be considered modern too? I am not sure. Lol
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  • Katie
    Super November 2019
    Katie ·
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    I did online searches but in the end I found ours on FB looking at pictures of an old coworkers wedding, her venue was beautiful and very reasonable, so that's the one we went with.
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  • OnCloudRawls
    VIP June 2019
    OnCloudRawls ·
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    A mixture of both, but WeddingWire really helped me find most of my vendors.

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  • Danielle K
    VIP June 2019
    Danielle K ·
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    of my 11 vendors

    1 was a known venue in the town I live

    1 was refered through my venue

    1 was refered through my coordinator

    1 was referred through my regular hair lady

    1 was found on the knot


    6 were found on wedding wire

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  • Alyssa
    Super July 2019
    Alyssa ·
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    Modern. We did all our searching and research online..
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  • Nicole
    Super October 2021
    Nicole ·
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    Modern, we've done it all online so far.

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