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Tell me about your venue!!!

Mrs Schmidt, on July 2, 2013 at 8:35 AM Posted in Planning 0 54
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I NEVER thought I'd find my most perfect never! Trying to find an on the water venue w/ catering that didn't cost $5000 was almost never going to happen....especially in Maryland! But low and behold I found my gem.

Maryland Yacht Club in Pasadena, MD...right at the mouth of a river and Bay. Cliff side and the ceremony site overlooks the water.

What's your venue like!?!!!!


  • Jules
    Master January 2014
    Jules ·

    It's a 17th century bank barn that's been converted on the inside to a three story ballroom.

  • Allyson
    Master May 2014
    Allyson ·

    Wow, pretty! Our venue is a country club on a golf course. It had a "feel" when we found it that was a perfect combination of classy and comfortable. I love it!

  • MrsC
    Super September 2013
    MrsC ·

    Congrats, Mari! I'm EXTREMELY jealous right now!! We have a venue, free, but it is basically set in a field. With our wedding in October there is a chance of rain. Which will turn into a muddy mess that will cost a fortune to cover and keep our wedding and reception from looking like a mud wrestling event. (pic below)

    We are searching all over for an affordable venue. We were even going to move our date within a month if a venue was available. Still, we have yet to find one that is available or affordable on our very limited budget.

    So just to reiterate, I'm JEALOUS! ha But really happy for you!!!

  • Mrs V (Roe)
    Master August 2013
    Mrs V (Roe) ·

    My venue is a hotel ballroom and I love it because the main thing I wanted was the choice for FH and I as well as guests to just go upstairs and climb into bed after the party if we wanted to and to have everything in one place.

  • Jules
    Master January 2014
    Jules ·

    Thanks Allyson - I just saw in your other thread you're getting married at Villanova. Where is your reception? I'm from that area too! (My wedding is in Collegeville).

  • Brianna
    Super July 2014
    Brianna ·

    I am getting married on the beach and my venue is also a hotel ballroom. OceanFront. My guest will also be staying at the Hotel and will just go right up to bed after we are done partying

  • Allyson
    Master May 2014
    Allyson ·

    @Mari- beautiful! Thanks for adding the picture!

    @Jules- our reception is at Springfield Country Club! They're building an adjoining hotel so guests can stay on sight after the reception.

  • Mrs Schmidt
    VIP September 2014
    Mrs Schmidt ·

    @Lori-I was going to say check w/ my venue but you're in VA.

  • D1
    Master October 2013
    D1 ·

    Here is a collage I made of our venue. Rustic setting on 24 acres in the county. Chapel is on one side of the property while the reception hall is across the way on the other side. Parking is in the grass on the hard ground.

  • Mallory Abroad
    Master October 2014
    Mallory Abroad ·

    We are getting married on my mom's family farm. In one of the barns probably.

    It's a very stereotypical western farm (in WY) And a complete blank canvas

  • Jules
    Master January 2014
    Jules ·

    Oh I've been to a wedding there - it's really nice! And Mari I just saw you added a pic that view is amazing!

  • Mrs Schmidt
    VIP September 2014
    Mrs Schmidt ·

    I am guilty of picking my venue w/o actually seeing But my mom went and said it was

  • Rachel S.
    Master September 2013
    Rachel S. ·

    I love the Maryland Yacht Club- beautiful venue!! I had thought about there as well!

    Our venue is Mountain Branch Golf's a hillside tented ballroom and the ceremony will take place on top of the hill overlooking the golf course...we originally looked there because the food is awesome, and everything else worked out nicely as well!

  • Carole B
    Super September 2013
    Carole B ·

    Mari, Your venue is beautiful!

    Jules, love the Collegeville area, my daughter went to Ursinus so we got to know the area well.

    Allyson, Springfield CC is beautiful, my daughter is doing her BM brunch there.

  • CeCe
    Master May 2014
    CeCe ·

    It's a beautiful mountain view in the heart of moonshine district

    The house is really old and they have a gorgeous tent in case of rain

  • Kiley
    Super August 2013
    Kiley ·

    Holy hell I'm jealous of you all. I really wanted to get married in our home church (it's where FH and I both realized this was It for us, during communion a little over a year ago -- a month into dating!) so we're doing that, and I love that part. But that reeeeaaally limited us in terms of a reception venue (our town doesn't have much in the way of nice places to have a reception, especially that aren't all dark wood and burgundy and claustrophobic hell). Add in that we live in the midwest and FH's one wedding request was crab cakes for dinner (WTH?), and our budget isn't huge...

    So we wound up in a hotel ballroom that thankfully just updated their (previously horrid gold) wallpaper and lets us hang stuff from the walls/ceiling. So I'm attempting to simulate an outdoor-ish tent with white Christmas lights and Chinese lanterns over the dance floor, and hope for as much natural light as possible until the sun goes down (not usually until around 9:30 in August here).

  • ECM
    Master November 2013
    ECM ·

    All these venues are lovely!

    Rachel, that is gorgeous!

    We're getting married at Caesar's Palace in Venus Garden and I cannot wait! (The grass is fake but I don't care lol)

  • Carly
    Super November 2014
    Carly ·

    These are all so beautiful ladies!

    I'm getting married at the Disneyland Hotel. Ceremony is in the Rose Court Garden and reception will be in the hotel's grand ballroom. We actually wanted our reception inside the park, but could not get park approval for a Saturday for the life of us, and we didn't want our wedding in the middle of the week of the middle of the night.

    But we are doing a morning after castle photo shoot which will make up for it haha!

  • Jess C.
    Expert March 2014
    Jess C. ·

    My venue is in a hotel which is close to a canyon and it has a ballroom with an scenic view.

  • DlovesD
    Master June 2014
    DlovesD ·

    Our is a performing arts summer camp in Maine. We have the whole venue for the weekend. We are getting married on stage in their theater. Reception in the dining hall & after party out by the fire. There is a pool & the best part is guests can stay on site in the cabins!

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