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Princess theme centerpieces

Apie, on October 25, 2007 at 11:36 PM Posted in Planning 0 6
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I'm going with a princess/fairy tale/disneyish wedding theme, and the advice I'm finding on centerpieces is all about having towering vases and topiaries. I don't want such tall centerpieces though. What, other than plenty of candlelight, would be a nice alternative to the tall centerpieces, but still give a royal setting?


  • Jennifer Dustin
    January 2020
    Jennifer Dustin ·
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    Mirrors. If you put something, especially candles of any height on top of a mirror, you get a large effect. They sell fake ice, which looks neat in a glass bowl, with candles sitting in it. It reflects the light in interesting patterns, and looks classy. I haven't tried this yet, but I think it would look neat...take a thin short candle holder and place it inside a larger round bowl like vase. Fill the space around the thin one with the fake ice. Then fill it with water, with a little food coloring in the color of your wedding...put a candle into the thin candle holder in the center. The light should shine through the fake ice and water. Should look nice. I would try it first, it might not be as classy as you like. You can always try lace or something about the outside bowl. If you try this I would like a picture! This obviously isn't enough light to see by, so you need actual room lighting. Oh! If you put this on a mirror and with some free standing candles it could look good.

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  • Stacie Blair
    January 2020
    Stacie Blair ·
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    Minni "glass" slippers !!! ( can be purchased very cheep in bulk at craft stores) fill these glass slippers with 1-3 roses, i suggest white roses but you can go with your colors as well. Also place the slippers on a mirror for the reflection affect,

    Another idea, if you are wanting to stay away from candles, is have each table have a different centerpiece. All Disney related themes. For example instead of having table numbers. have the "snow white table", the "Cinderella table", and so on. You can coordinate the centerpiece to match the tables theme.

    I have also worked with brides who used a small fish bowl on a mirror with a live "gold fish" inside, and a plant or flower arrangement coming out of the bowl. Not to tall, eye level.

    Add rose pettels sprinkled to the table tops...

    Be creative!

    Stacie Blair


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  • S
    Beginner September 2008
    sposa07 ·
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    I thought i might share a great place to find great centerpiece ideas


    I recently found this and think its a great place with tons of photos of all aspects of wedding planning

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  • L
    Just Said Yes August 2008
    lisa ·
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    Apie have you seen the 18" Diamond five tealight holder. On the www.dlightonline.come website If your looking for elegant and class then this forever diamond collection is perfect.

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