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Photo Booth

Ivonnia, on October 21, 2011 at 4:48 PM Posted in Planning 0 10
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Anyone else doing a photo booth? What will you be getting with the rental?

Any ideas as far as props. We're having a japanese them. Suggestions? Props will be provided, Thinking of also adding marvel comics in the mix. LOL


  • Future Mrs. T
    Expert October 2012
    Future Mrs. T ·
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    I'm doing a photo booth! Its $700 and thats 3hours of service, unlimited prints, a scrapbook with one copy of the pictures in it, and 2 attendants.

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  • Arizona Bride
    Super April 2017
    Arizona Bride ·
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    We're doing one, but we are going to have the photos taken and put onto our computer. Not going to print them off.

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  • Shannon S (Mrs Ski)
    VIP September 2012
    Shannon S (Mrs Ski) ·
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    We got the photobooth included with out Venue!! So excited about that

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  • Carole M (a.k.a "old tart")
    Master October 2011
    Carole M (a.k.a "old tart") ·
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    My daughter and future SIL is having a photobooth. They found a photographer(Jensen) who includes it in the package. It comes with a back drop and props. The guests receive a strip and my daughter and her FH receive a strip to put in the book they provide her.

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  • Amy
    Savvy January 2012
    Amy ·
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    We're doing one. We got it for $400 for 3 hours, they bring the props such as hat, boas, big glassess. We're using them as the favors. They will personalize the print on them so it was say Thank you for coming, Any & Guy & the date. We also get a CD of all the pictures taken as a keepsake. My wedding planner tells it so much fun to have oen there, everyone always gets into it, and its a great additional to a reception.

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  • Rachel W.
    Master May 2012
    Rachel W. ·
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    We're doing one, and the package we want comes with the prop box and attendant for 4 hours. We get access to the pics on their site and then a DVD of all the pics as well. $1300 here (we live near NY so always more expensive).

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  • Dena&JD
    Master April 2012
    Dena&JD ·
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    We're doing it!! This is one of the most exciting things :-) Ours came with the photography package but will be open only for 2 hours. It was 1,800 for 6 hours of photography, an album of 30 pages double sided (60), a hi res dvd with all the pics, the photobooth with double copies and a guestbook for the guest to leave one pic to us. They will bring the props, usual stuff like big glasses, boas, etc

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  • Heather
    Master September 2012
    Heather ·
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    We might do one if we can afford it closer to the date. the package comes with an attendant and two pictures for each time (one for the guest and another for the guest book). and i like the lips, mustaches, glasses on sticks as props. has nothing to do with our theme i just think they are cute Smiley smile

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  • Future Mrs. P
    Super October 2012
    Future Mrs. P ·
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    A photobooth is my must have. Just requested an official quote but the two places I'm checking with offer unlimited photos, guest get a copy ans we get a hard copy and all pics on cd. One company includes props the other doesn't so we'd provide them. both come with an attendant. I am buying picture frames for guest to keep their photos in after!

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  • Mrs. Ariel
    Expert July 2012
    Mrs. Ariel ·
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    Im having one, we found an actual photographer so its not a booth, she takes unlimited pictures and we got her for 3 1/2 hours I believe or 4 hours for about $600. she brings the back drop and all the props!

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