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Pet Death

Catjam, on June 19, 2018 at 11:36 PM

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Since I don't have anyone to vent with.... I am on here, bare with me. Our Charlie was 13 years old with heart disease After taking him to the specialty vet we decided to put him down not to suffer. My FH has grieved with me today but now I'm having trouble getting back in the planning. Our Charlie...
Since I don't have anyone to vent with.... I am on here, bare with me. Our Charlie was 13 years old with heart disease After taking him to the specialty vet we decided to put him down not to suffer. My FH has grieved with me today but now I'm having trouble getting back in the planning. Our Charlie was going on our honeymoon! I guess I am just grieving, but it's affected my momentum



  • queenbee
    VIP October 2018
    queenbee ·
    What a handsome boy. I’m so sorry for your loss. Our dog Penny passed last year, and it’s still hard without her. I have a charm for my bouquet with a photo of her so I can have her with me on our wedding day. Take some more time to grieve. It gets easier but it’s still never the same without them.
  • KarenO
    Master June 2018
    KarenO ·

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Losing a pet is never easy, and it must be so much harder during what's supposed to be a happy time in your life. Take time for yourself, and don't let others make you feel that you shouldn't grieve for your loss. It's going to take time and you will probably always miss him. And, please take comfort in knowing that you gave him one of the most important gifts that we can give our pets - relief from suffering and pain.

    We put our cat of 19 years to sleep about two years ago and I still think of her all the time. She was my first pet of my own, and was such a sweet girl. I miss my little Mina girl.

  • M
    Devoted August 2018
    Melissa ·
    I’m so sorry. Loosing the unconditional love of a pet is devastating. It’s okay to be unenthusiastic about planning your wedding. We unexpectedly lost our 7 month old German Shepard a month ago an I remember being afraid I would still be upset at our that is now 51 days away. I had to meet with the lady designing our invitations and go start our registry the day after it happened and I couldn’t stop randomly tearing up. I couldn’t postpone because we were already pushing it to get things done in time. I really recommend putting planning on hold for at least a few days and give yourself time to be sad.

    Our puppy wasnt as established of a family member as your sweet kitty but we’d had her since she was only 6 weeks old and spent a lot of time with her given our work schedules. We were dreading the day 10 years from now when she passed away and having to explain it to our future children. We were not prepared to lose her so soon.

    Again I’m really sorry for your loss. I Hope you get through these next few days of grieving and can get back to looking forward to your wedding.
  • Tammy
    Super October 2018
    Tammy ·

    I'm so sorry

  • Jenna
    Devoted October 2018
    Jenna ·

    I am so sorry for your loss, I just went through this in March. I had to put my sweet 15 year old black lab down because he was in pain. It was by far the hardest decision of my life, I had my sweet old man Champ since I was 10 years old. He was my world, my best friend, my partner in crime, he was going to be my ring bearer in my wedding. I tried so desperately to tell myself it was a phase he would be back to normal in no time. . . but I decided I couldn't be selfish and do what was best for him. As a pet parent that is all you can do, do what is best for them. All you can do now is breathe and take each day out of a time. I personally found a website that allowed me to take a picture of my dog and turn him into a necklace. I am personally wearing it on my wedding day so he is with me on my special day. Again I am so sorry for your loss, I will be sending all my love a positive vibes your way.

  • Catjam
    Expert October 2018
    Catjam ·

    OMG, I have received so much compassion, support and understanding from "strangers" my WeddingWire friends, but in the same time period of life. My thoughts were you to thank you individually, but my cheat sheet of names got too large. Today I returned to work and did good, crying on the drive home. My smile has gone as I am grieving, so taking a needed break from my planning. God bless you all for commenting and sharing stories.. What an awesome group of ladies on this website!!!!!! ...

  • Kodi
    Super April 2019
    Kodi ·

    I'm so sorry for your loss! My puppy is my best little friend, I couldn't even imagine,

  • Jennifer
    Super December 2019
    Jennifer ·

    I'm so sorry, I know how hard this is. Our 16 year old ball of fluff is our baby and every time she doesnt look right or does something she shouldnt be healthwise we freak out a little bit, and I'm marrying a vet who knows logically that she still has some time with little changes for her age. Take time off planning and if there is something really urgent see if your FH or Mom or FMIL can handle it temporarily for you while you take time to grieve. Also know that your vet is probably still thinking about you and hoping that you are doing ok and wishing there was more they could do to help you through this time even if professionally they could never say so to you, there are pet loss hotlines all around the country that you can call if you need someone who really gets it to talk to, many are manned by vets and veterinary students. I hope your good memories of Charlie help ease the hurt soon, he appreciates what you did for him.

  • Anne
    Just Said Yes June 2015
    Anne ·

    I am really sorry for your loss . I also lost my dear Lucky in December 2018... I have created a memorial for my social media, so I can remember him and honor the moments we shared together. I used PetCiel (it is free of charge).

    I have been through a lot of pain, too. Right now, I just feel grateful. I was very lucky to have him in my life.

  • C
    Beginner September 2018
    Cathy ·
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    Hello Anne, I don't check this site very often anymore, but so glad I read your comment and looking forward to checking into PetCiel... I was very blessed to have been Charlie's "mama" and still miss him dearly...

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