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Michael's Cyber Sale Today

Amy, on July 16, 2018 at 7:16 AM Posted in Planning 0 3
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If anyone is interested, Michael's is having a pretty great cyber sale today (with no shipping fees either).

It's such a small thing but I just got all our thank you cards for five dollars and I'm really pleased about that. It feels so tiny to save a few dollars in the larger scheme of things but I have to keep reminding myself it adds up!


  • L
    Savvy September 2018
    LaTrele ·
    Thanks for the notice!
  • Sara
    Super July 2019
    Sara ·

    Thank you for the heads up!

  • Selia
    Super October 2024
    Selia ·

    Amy--thank you so much for sharing this information with the community! It's so thoughtful of you to want to help out other members!

    What do the thank you cards you ended up purchasing look like? And FIVE DOLLARS? Awesome!!!!

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