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Ideas for Head Table???

TiFille, on April 9, 2009 at 11:40 AM Posted in Planning 0 3
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OK, I am having a garden themed wedding. At the reception, the place cards will be attached with butterfly clips, to a vine and flower covered trellis: the money card box will be a birdhouse on a "stand", also with vines and flowers: the tables will be named after flowers (rather than numbers), therefore the table cards will each have a different flower on them, along with the placecards matching them obviously: the centerpieces will have a flower(s) floating in a vase (to match the table name), each having a different flower(s): and the buffet table will have like little mini fruit trees on each end. NOW...I am stuck on the head table! I was thinking of having live fish and water lilies to represent a garden pond, but I can't figure out how to get that idea across without it actually being a pond, or too big. Another thought was fountains, but battery operated ones are too small. So now I need some ideas on what to do with the head table, or even how to get the garden pond idea right.


  • Jennifer Dustin
    January 2020
    Jennifer Dustin ·
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    You could use one of these white wrought iron garden tables as a sweetheart table, with an umbrella. And the umbrella can have any number of things on it to fit your theme.

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  • InStyle Event Company
    January 2020
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    I think you could do a more organic garden feel. maybe take some mansinita branches and just lay them across the table then use tea light candles and put them in and around the branches very simple and different. or you can take vases that are about 6in in height and put the branches in there as well and hang just the buds of the flowers from the branches. Good luck !

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  • Suzanne Smith
    January 2020
    Suzanne Smith ·
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    I have designed some spectacular garden weddings.

    If you are having a traditional long head table, I would do fresh garlands of Smilax vine with butterflies and cut blossoms. at the center point where you and your new Hubby will sit

    place a low Japanese tray with large glass float bowl, add Cymbidium orchids or a lotus and a few pebbles and possibly a float candle.

    This represents the earth, water and fire for good luck add in a touch of bamboo.

    A couple tiny goldfish can be added to look like mini Koi.

    You may be able to find the perfect tray and dish at Pier One or Cost Plu World Market.. If you dont find what you like, contact me and I can locate it, I have wonderful sources! LOL

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